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Archwing Enemies need Larger Hitboxes


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honestly lets be thankful that archwing has unlimited ammo because I'm sure that most of us would have none before we took down half of the enemies on screen.

enemy hitboxes are too small and accurate to the actual model and i argue compensation is needed for the more open and long distance combat. it even tedious to hit targets even for short-range combat because enemies are consistently swaying as much as the player. i personally think it would be an improvement to the overall gunplay if archwing enemy hitboxes were larger.

if that seems too much, i cant help but to notice enemies lack the ability to attack us long distance as efficiently as we can, so give them the ability to charge-up and shoot a long-distance weapon of some kind. It would be easy to dodge and be somewhat predictable of course, but it will keep the player moving at the very least; even more so with multiple enemies. I suppose after saying that, this would turn into a topic suggesting that the archwing long distance combat needs some work in general.

after having been absent for a few months i've seen now that we have an indicator when enemies are at melee range and this simple addition has vastly improved my combat experience for archwing's melee. I just wanted to show my appreciation since this is a feature iv'e wanted since archwing was introduced.

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