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System Crashing

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Whenever I try to start WarFrame it crashes my system. I have uh uninstalled it and reinstalled it but its still crashing my system. Any help would be appreciated. It's only been with the Old Blood update.

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Heyo! I've had the PS4 team inform me that the following instructions might be the trick for ya since this sounds like an issue with your local settings: 

  • Go to Settings>Storage>System Storage>Saved Data
  • Find either Warframe or Uninstalled Application>Warframe
  • Delete data and log back in. Warframe should relaunch. 

And don't worry, I know it may sound daunting to "delete saved data" you won't lose anything other than your bindings and settings, but at least you'll be able to get back into the game (hopefully)! 

Let me know if this ended up working for you 🙂

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