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Looking For People To Run Void Missions With!


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Hello all.


Fed up of not being able to get the shiney stuff from void missions as I dont have any friends who play Warframe!


I am looking for 3 people who I can team up with on a regular basis to farm void missions and generally have a bit of fun!


If this sounds like you, please message me: IGN Stargater07 


Steam name: Stargater07


I play as Nova (2nd Polarise) and Sometimes Ember (3rd Polarise)



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I'm in the same position as you because I'd also like to do Void missions (I have at least 5 keys) but I also need 3 people to help me.


So maybe we can help each other?


My in-game name is: GkarB5


My Steam Name is:  Gkar_of_Narn


I have a level 30 Volt and a much lower level Trinity.


My usual playing times are: 

Fri: 9PM-1AM Eastern

Sat. 2PM-7PM Eastern

Sun: 2PM-7PM Eastern


I'll be able to play even more hours this coming weekend (Sat. Oct. 5 - Sun. Oct. 6).

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