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If we are getting kingpins for all the different factions, would it be possible for there to be feuds between our kingpins that we can side with? 

If we are getting kingpins for factions, will Sentient and Orokin kingpins follow? Or will it just be there for the original 3?

Finally, if we do get to use kingpins in Railjack, does that mean we can obtain a Corpus, Grineer, and Infested themed Railjack a few months after launch?

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Valkyr Phase 2: With the melee phase 2 changes it feels like valkyr was left behind. Her talons are extremely slow compared to other claw weapons while the in my case the talons have an attack speed of 2.33 and the claws have an attack speed of 1.63. On top of that her attacks aren't fluent anymore. It seems like every melee strike has a short pause after each hit. I've also noticed that when doing a slide attack she shoots forward a lot faster than she's supposed to. It's like there isn't any friction. I don't know if these problems have been acknowledged yet, but it would be great if Valkyr could get a look at compared to how she was before the update.

Stasis: With it being possible to instantly switch between pets now without any wait times. Are we going to be able the select different pets in different loadouts instead of having to manually swapping them. 

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This is about the impossibility to research in the Orokin Lab due the elimination of the clan wars on the Dark Sectors.

If you made a Clan after that point, you can not progress you Clan MR because some options are locked. Could you unlock them to make those XP available to EVERYONE despite the research being useless at the moment?

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Can you please address the bug/nerf (whatever it was) to the operator amps? I'm using 3-3-3 and some months ago I'd completely strip a vomvalyst in under a  second. Now, I take up to 3 seconds to destroy a single vomvalyst. I hope you can see a problem with this during a Tri-dolon hunt session? It all adds up. Not to mention my sense of power is taken away. Please talk about what it is and if it's intentional or not. And if intentional, why?


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Are there any plans on permanently introducing the regular machete?

Currently the only way to obtain it is through random log-in rewards which seems ridiculous.

Previously it was a reward for tactical alerts and could be bought on the market for a short time, but hasn't been available for years now.

Please save me. I accidentally sold it years ago and just want to complete my last item for MR. 🙃

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1. Are you going to buff or rework status mods? 15% is nothing, taking 30% weapon to 34.5%

2. Any ideas for integrating liches with the rest of the game? Something like Wolf of Saturn Six maybe?

3. Enemy level scaling work ever?

4. Is archwing getting a new movement system with Empyrean? 

5. What about giving archwings the heavy weapon treatment in landscape missions like Orb Vallis? I mean tuning their abilities to dealing with ground targets more than space combat.

6. Plans for operator loadouts to be linked to warframes/made easier to switch/able to switch in Cetus before going after eidolons?

I appreciate all the work on new content, but older content still needs some TLC.


Why are cold damage mods Vazarin? Why are there two different polarities for weapon exilus mods? Will exilus slots ever accept augment mods or unique weapon mods? How is Sinister Reach not an exilus mod but Lethal Momentum is?

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What are the current plans for Ember and Vauban? Quite a lot of feedback on their reworks has been given in the the respective megathread over the past weeks, some of which is negative, some of which is positive. Does the devteam consider them to be in a good place right now or can we expect significant changes in the coming weeks similarly to Gauss?

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Heat procs on Mirage no longer affecting Eclipse. Intentional or oversight and can it be fixed?

Empyrean/Railjack - what state is it in, are we getting it this year?

New war - is that still aiming for December, or pushed back to next year?

Status - now that melee has been rebalanced and many more weapons are viable, there's a new problem with the overwhelming crit meta. That's mainly due to the condition overload nerf but there has always been an underlying issue with status. The only real worthwhile procs are corrosive, slash, viral and now heat, with some niche uses for the others. Is there any plan to revisit and revamp the weaker status procs to make them more relevant for the Warframe of today?

Lich system - are there future plans for new Kuva weapons? If so, how do you plan to prevent the dilution of the drop table from making the grind and RNG extreme? Currently 13 weapons = 7.7% chance to get a Lich with a specific weapon. If you add 10 more it's then 23 weapons = 4.3% chance. That will scale to become a worse experience with every addition. Could the system be designed to always drop from the pool of Kuva weapons you haven't yet acquired first, then go back to random. Or some other solution? Could there be some more direct way to influence the weapon your Lich gets?

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Just curious of default unarmed melee (nothing equipped) if there ever was an attempt to have it in the conception of the game.

Had an experience when I just started out wherein I only equipped Kunai and ran out of ammo and I had not gotten my operator that time. There was no way for me to fight back and I failed the mission and lost my progress. It really wasn't that big of a deal though but I started thinking that it be nice to have a default warframe unarmed melee as an option to having no weapons equipped as it could help out beginners or newbies to the game without having to fail or abort the mission.

Thanks for the time in reading this.

It would be nice to get a response on this just to satisfy my curiousity 🙂

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Currently the Cadus is only available in China Warframe much like Excalibur Umbra used to be and the Trinity Specter in a junction wields it. Is there any chance we will see it released in Global Warframe?


On another note, since the last update Heists in Orb Vallis have been broken including Exploiter Orb and Phase 3 of Profit-Taker. Any ETA on that fix? On a related note on Phase 3 of Profit-Taker is there a chance we could not be stuck in the lift listening to the monotonous dialogue when we are trying to farm Phase 3 only to find that after we have left it the other players have completed it and are back at the lift so we get no rewards and so have to go through the same process again? In comparison Bounties let you leave the lift.

On the subject of melee could the old Stamina mods be repurposed into upcoming Rage Mode mods? We can use arch-guns on normal missions but what about arch-melee? Could we pick between an arch-gun and an arch-melee for use on a mission in the future? Will the dual wield of a glaive and gun be extended to other melee weapons so you could have a Ninkondi + Gun, Dual Skana and Gun would let you use just one skana etc on those lines. Could all stances be gold mods so that people have a feeling they are not being penalised for using non-gold stances while also giving non-gold stances a equal chance of use? Same kind of thing with auras, Steel Charage gives the most mod points so imo all auras should be up to Steel Charge level.

Could we add universal medallions to Arbitrations? I got too many relics already so I don't want more from disruptions and I need to thin out the ayatan treasure hoard I get from Arbitrations. The new content has also exposed imo how the chat trade and matchmaking system isn't really up to scratch for getting a game you want or an item to buy and sell. Its nice as an option but if you want to find certain people with a certain rare relic it is generally very difficult to find someone with new Requiem relic spam and so forth.

Could there be a system for you to maybe create a match and then people can see it and save it and are informed when other people who want that match are online? Likewise Maroo's selling system could be extended to Fortuna and the other relays? Likewise putting up a sale in an proper trade window as an auction or whatever.

Finally do you think you have bitten off more than you can chew with having Lich's, Empyrean and New War trying to come out in less than a quarter of a year?

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4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual crew! 

What: We’re hopping in the Dev Build to take a first look at the next Prime Access and much, much more! From Liches to Launches, you’ll want to join as we talk through Warframe’s most recent (and upcoming) updates!

Prizes? Oh yes! We have plenty of Digital Prizes to give out. 

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe 

Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream!

When: Join us this Friday, November 22nd at 2 p.m ET!  

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on Friday, November 22nd at 2 p.m ET! 

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

That header image looks very much like a cyclops eye. Is that my waifu huntress prime finally coming on the horizon ❤️? Ivara main hyperventilating noises intensifies.

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10 minutes ago, CuChulainnWD said:

They already did..... they are called... wait for it. INFESTED!! 😲

He's likely talking about weapons like Synapse, Caustacyst, etc... Infested weapons that arn't already "Mutalyst" versions of existing weapons like Quanta and Cernos.  I too wouldn't mind a Wraith/Vandal/Kuva (or whatever they'd end up naming the infested versions) version of some infested weapons as well, but that would be alot lower on my priority of things I'd like to see in Watframe.

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