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Video: Deck 12 public matchmaking have big problems. Someone's slow load fails. Join mid game out of map and locked door.

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0:11 Loading from Deck 12 to Orb vallis start.
0:29 Loading icon on bottom left disappears for me, but door stays closed.
4:00 Door opens, that took more then 3 minutes.
4:20 "The connection to the host has been lost." Why no host migration attempts? Why no rejoin same squad? Having to wait more then 3 minutes only to be kicked is such a waste of time.

5:13 Falling down out of map. My guess is they load into Deck 12 at the same time as I join mid game. Used Archwing itzal and energy restores to go to Deck 12.
6:04 Teleported in map and bleeding out.
9:45 Both players pass right through the locked door. This door is flashing very fast.
10:15 Task manager, end task Warframe.x64
11:03 Rejoin squad worked.

More problems.
1. As a client, Exploiter vents do not have ice on them.
2. After Cutscenes that pulls parts out of exploiter orb, clients can only damage exploiter orb with Kitgun Catchmoon. Kohm does not work. Host/solo can damage with any weapons.


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