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All My Thoughts On Raid..


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I don't think it should have been completely removed from the game.

I'd like to see it improved, then reintroduced to increase mission variety, please.




● Make Raid enemies unusually tough, get-in-get-out isn't all that fun if it's not a challenge.

Force people to use stealth if you have to. (Although, that requires the long awaited stealth reworks to happen..)

Massively increase baddy count upon enemy learning you stole their swag, make players run for their lives.


● Create a handful of new Lotus dialogues sets & Lore pages for Raid. (Could also be done for Defense & Assassination.)

These new dialogues could give tidbits of lore as to what kind of information we're trying to get from the enemies or why we need such information.

The Lore pages would have a paragraph or so explaining some motives or telling us what's actually happening, even as simple as saying that so-and-so are attacking blahblah for their resources.


● Add new Void missions for Raid with some new stealth-friendly Orokin tiles.

It'd obviously be a good place to put new Primes. (Volt & Kogake pl0x?)


● Give Raid an end-of-mission reward on par with Survival. (Tower Raid keys, new fancy mods, the works.)

Raid's old rewards? Health Restores, and Fast Deflection...

Yeah, no wonder why it was unpopular..


NOTE: Wrote this with Zombie-level tiredness, I definitely forgot some things.. 

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ppl wil just ignore them and run like hell to the Extraction >_>


And i still dont believe it was the most unpopular one or the at least played one. but some while ago i read a thread where was meantioned that raid is still in the game as an additional goal. you know the ones that pops up after you have accomplished the original goal.


It wasn't the least played IMO. It was the most easy to farm on voids.

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People say Raid is the same as Capture right? Why not just make Void/Derelict/Infested capture a Raid instead? Seriously, has anyone else realised it makes no sense for a Capture target to be in those missions? There is NO WAY a Capture target could have survived in an Orokin Void or on an Infested ship, and they have no business being in an abandoned Derelict neither.

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