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I run Warframe at 1600x900 on max except for a few settings such as DoF/Motion Blurr (honestly wish they would separate the two, i like DoF, hating Motion Blurr) , and of course not having an Nvidia card I have PhysX off. This is not me bragging by any means, I have a decent PC, enough to leave me at 60 FPS normally, but nothing special.



I sometimes run into areas of the game that tend to slow me down just enough to be noticeable, and I think a great addition for players would be the option to " see " their Frames Per Second in a small number somewhere onscreen. Putting it next to my HUD as a small constant digit in a corner of my screen would be a great addition, as i'm having to use FRAPS to see my in-game FPS as of now.



Of course make this an Optional setting.



Anyone else think this would be a nice luxury?

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Already stated I used Fraps to check, but I'd prefer it be something in-game, and not something I needed to buy to see * and Yes, I actually BOUGHT Fraps, unlike a majority of people =/ *

I brought Fraps. 


Something in-game really is just un-necessary effort, anyone who'd use it would have no problem running a 3rd party program to do it.

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Fine fine, whatever. Just calm down and relax a little. I'm not trying to make people angry or anything, just saying that a FPS counter can be rather useful for a game like this.


I should also edit out that 'MMO' in my post, seeing as how MW:O also has a FPS Counter yet is totally not a MMO (You only get 12vs12 battles and literally nothing else, kinda similar to a 4-man team being ninjas, I guess.).

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