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Finishing Touch And Ground Finishers In General- Observations/questions


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i want to make use of finishing touch (for the lulz) and i was thinking on going for furax due to them having aoe knockdown.


having run a quick test with my hate, finishers seem to get the bonus to damage from charge damage. With finishing touch this will mean that finishers will do +270% damage (finishing touch+killing blow + rending strike)


(tested using an unmodded hate-200damage, modded with killing blow-500, modded with pressure point-200)


from what i see comparing furax, hate and galatine, ground finisher speed isn't based on charge cheed (it would have shown better on the galatine, but galatine is weird for this testing because it breaks the norm and deals 200finisher damage instead of 400 as it was expected)  -CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG HERE


Also the speed doesn't seem to be affected by charge speed but by fury!

tested using +100% charge speed and the speed was the same as with unmodded, while it was noticebly faster while using fury.


Since i don't have the hokage, and i don't know their ground finisher speed i was wondering, to better utilize finishing touch, which would be the "best" weapon: furax/hogake/other


furax will deal (if hokage use the norm of ground finisher=charge damage) twice as powerful, will lose the ragdoll but also have the aoe knockdown, and i'm unsure about ground finisher speed. 



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