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Regarding The Referral Program


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I had a curious thought. Obviously we want the game to grow in size, and the referral program is meant to help with this.


So why is it limited to e-mail, Facebook and Twitter? For people like me, this is rather pitiful, since I'm an antisocial luddite and as such do not use Twitter or Facebook. And nobody hands out their e-mails very often.


So a simple suggestion: Steam referral. I mean, why not? The game's on Steam so it would make sense to refer people on our contacts list.

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Hello fellow antisocial luddite :D

Did you see the sheer number of friends you have to get into Warframe to even get a little reward?

I gave up on it. My gaming buddies either

a) play Warframe at this moment and are getting dissatisfied.
b) don't care about f2p, micro transactions, and grinding, so they won't try it.

Don't know if WF is going to grow much on the PC side... Maybe PS4 will give it an influx of fresh players.

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