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Dojo Tag

Started by activating a button on the console found in every room. Timer starts, and a random person in Dojo is tagged as It. Players have to run into another player to tag them. All mods are disabled and movement speed is set to 1.2. Players may not re-tag a person who tagged them until they have tagged someone else. Person who is It when time runs out loses. Duelling Room and Obstacle Course rooms are locked down during this period, any member who leaves these rooms during this period cannot reenter them until after the Tag session has ended. This ensures that members who wish to Duel or use the Obstacle Course can remain uninterrupted while players playing Tag cannot abuse the safety of these rooms.



Dojo Shootout

Members have to register for this event after it has been triggered via activation at a console. When registration period has ended, all registered members are barred from entering the Duelling Room and Obstacle Course, have their shield and health values set to 150/150, and are equipped with an Aklato. All mods are disabled and movement speed is set to 1.0. Members will ambush and seek out their rivals or hide the competition out until there is one Tenno left in the game. Last man standing wins. Each round will have a timer in the event of bugs or stalemates. Personally, I'd hide behind my huge-&#! Lech Kril statue and shoot any fool that runs past me =) 



Dojo Guardians

A team-based event. All registered members are randomly sorted into two teams, and teleported as teams into random rooms of the Dojo. Participants have their Warframe's temporarily painted to the colour of their teams, are automatically armed with an unranked Burston(with 15 round capacity instead of 45), Aklato and Dual Skana, and have their Warframe's health and shield values set to 200/100, and movement speed to 1.0. Reviving fallen teammates is disabled. All of their mods are disabled. One member of each team is then assigned as a VIP. The VIP has 300/300 shield and health values, 0.6 movement speed, and is armed with a Boar, Furis and Galatine. Each team must protect their VIP and destroy the opposing team's VIP to win.



Obstacle Course Racing

Please implement a multi-race feature for the Obstacle Course. When activating the Course, there should be a feature to start a session of multiplayer Obstacle Course racing. When activated, a timer for 15 seconds should start and 6 kneeling pads appear on the floor. When the timer is up, all Tenno currently kneeling are teleported into the Course track and the race begins.



Sentinel Race Track

Build a room that consists of a circular race track. Allow Tenno to place our Sentinels at one of 6 spots in the race track. Masters of each participating Sentinel are relocated to a podium situated near the start point, and armed with a charged gun. Firing the gun fires a slow-moving electrical pulse that will give a small speed boost to the Sentinel that it hits. First Sentinel to cross the finish line wins!



Sniping Arena

A large, high-ceiling hall filled with platforms, container blocks and low crates that can be crouched behind for cover. Each Tenno is armed with a Snipetron rifle and will fall in one hit. Tenno can pick a high spot and attempt to snipe their opponents out, or attempt challenging close-quarter combat with a gun made for long-ranged engagements. To discourage excessive hiding, powerups will appear high over the battleground for a brief period of time. Tenno that shoot this powerup will have their next bullet endowed with Puncture, able to pierce through cover that their rivals may be hiding behind. Whichever approach the players choose, their reaction, accuracy and tactics will be tested.



Clan Card Conclave

A gambling feature. Set up four kneeling pads around a small low table. Participating players bet module cards from their inventory and pool them into the prize pool. Cards with decals of Warframes, Grineer bosses and other key characters of the Origin system are then dealt to each player. A card game commences, and at the end of the session, prizes from the module pool are awarded randomly to the winners. Reward modules are randomized from those contributed to the pool. modules gambled must be unranked and players may only win modules twice a day to prevent abuse. Can also be played without betting any mod cards for recreation purposes.

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