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Frost Abilitites..



So there is no possible way I can put in all 4 abilities in frost. There are 10 slots overall, so if we put all 4 abilities in, we can only get 6 slots left. However, frost is greatly amplified by :

- Redirection

- Either Vitality, Steel Armor, or Vigor

- Flow

- Focus (Avalanche, Ice Wave, Freeze)

- Streamline

- Stretch (Snow Globe)

- Continuity

- Constitution

That gives us a total of 8 mods. Please give me ideas for my Frost build. Of course the main thing in Frost is Snow Globe so I think we can get rid of Focus, however, Avalanche is great too, it freezes enemies and damage them. How to solve this? Any good builds?

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Say goodbye to Freeze and Ice Wave, or for soloing, Ice Wave and Avalanche.

Snow globe is Frost's main ability.

And Avalanche is decent only in the <50 bracket.

Freeze is a useful stun for soloing bosses, as they stay frozen until you shoot them, but not if you strike them with melee.

Ice Wave is just generally very situational.

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Depends on how you see it, For example i never use stretch for any kind of defense missions (because smaller bubble = good)

Near end game i will never use avalanche, i feel its too weak to be any use so just make snow globe the main skill, but its just me. You can mod your frost however you like.

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I use just Snowglobe and Avalanche, even with the +power helm and focus the abilities damage/cost ratio is too low imo, I'd rather just shoot stuff. I consider Frost a weapons frame.


I like to stack shields rather than health/armor, and just run back into snowglobe after guardian has activated once. I tend to bring along a vitality 'just in case' or if theres a trinity in the group, and instead focus on shields/recharge and the only ability mods being +duration - no streamline or flow. Rejuvination aura works great, someone else will have a ES and it helps recover from the 1-2 hits you'll take inbetween guardian activations.


Avalanche is useful more as a AoE CC imo for oh S#&amp;&#036; moments on top of the pod, and I dont care too much that it wont kill stuff. I fill in my last points on my unformad build with a low rank Flow, to ensure I can cast it twice in a row if needed. The prevalence of energy orbs and EV auras on defense missions means I feel I dont need Streamline.

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