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Rising Tide: Update 26.1

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Thanks for the unexpected update! 

And yes, as expected, complains.

Please do review the universal blink.
Ok that it has doubled range but it will not be as fast as the old use for blink on Itzal. I do really think (as an Eidolon Hunter) that the universal blink with this cooldown will hugely affect how the players does play Eidolons in a really bad way! People have built a really "working" and confident way of doing Eidolons and this cooldown will make it even worse. The Eidolon community is pretty small already and surely this "change" won't make new players interested in attempting them. A suggestion would be either make it 1.5x with more range and half the cooldown, which would make things already "better", or just revert this. Players never cared about "how far do I get with one blink" but "how quickly I do reach that spot from this point" and this is what is all about. "It does not affect Eidolons" is said by who doesn't know that Eidolons are time-based and it's the only gamemode of "where being fast" is important. 

Any news to kuva lich contract changes? It is perfectly fine to have a "feature" which allows people which plays in public to do their lich properly compared to the current way of "keeping a lich in the game while others can't get it", but as a player, what does motivate me to play a lich when I know it's weapon and it's element is weaker than what I got already? A button to "remove" your lich if he/she has weaker statistics than you owned weapon already would be really appreciated.

What about the kuva lich de-grindification? In order to trade a lich a player needs to find the correct requiem to do so, why doing it again after a trade? 

And I guess with those updates we do get way longer loading times and when we get matched with high latency host we do still get stuck in a permanent loading screen. Please do add a button to "leave the squad" while loading, we do have one already when our configuration can't be loaded so why not giving players the chance of not restarting their game with a button?

Any news about remaking the mod screen and the foundry with the new UI?

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Thanks for the hotfix!

Glad to see liches getting attention to specifically the coop element, but the main issue which is that playing with a premade squad doesn't work unless the other people happen to randomly have the same node.

Also, really good to hear that critical chance on rivens is going to be caught up with their regular mod counterparts, but can we also get a similar treatment for maiming strike and slide crit? It doesn't make much sense for maiming strike to be 150 when sacrificla steel is 220 with 2x on heavy attacks. And this deficit matters much more on rivens than their regular mod counterparts.

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Thanks, I´m really looking forward to the new orbiter and railjack.
Sadly the liches weren´t content I like (to much rng and I´m not a fan of the new combo and heavy attack system) 😐



But there are a few other things, too.

We need a favourite system for weapons/warframes and maybe arcanes:

Is it intentional that only feminine operators have dreads attached to their emissary suit? Maybe make into an auxiliary slot:



While you are fixing the operator appearance in the profil can you add the possibility to swap the configs, too?

We need an option to sort out vaulted and not vaulted relics. There are so many that it´s getting difficult to select the one I want during the select screen (I like running unvaulted relics public and vaulted ones with friend/clan members). Same goes for the relays ducat stations, I don´t want to turn in vaulted stuff and I´m always struggling to remember which one are aviable and which ones are not:

Waypoints are all over the place but rarely on the doors, the whole waypoint system needs a rework... as soon as you play something faster like Wukong, Volt, Nova etc. the waypoint are often to slow or messed up completely and now it´s even happening to "normal/slower" frames:

Nightwaves Ascendant Mission doesn´t count as client:

And after another arbitration change i wonder: How far away is the ESO reward system rework?
They were introduced as "reward for challenges", but except for the bleeding body one they all ended up in a pure RNG hell.
I´ve run far more than 100 eso runs and got no blazing step ephemera and someone I know got it from his 3rd run, feeling so bad for his luck he even offered eso runs to me...
And some have an even more unlucky rng:

Eidolon spawns are still buggy despite being ~2years old:

With the new U26 many rooms are now suffering from a harsh lighting transition, especially if they have small differences in the colours/tones that are used on that tile:

Since U26 the energy bar is missing the blue background, thus making it really hard to notice your current energy:

On multiple different amps the scaffold is clipping through the palm of your operators:

Are we ever getting the operator only spy?
It was teased back then when we got the feedback changes for Nightwave:Series 2, but as far as I remember we never got the mission:

Can we have the old indoor Index map back to the rotation? The new one is to dark and has to many obstacles which lead to getting oneshot by enemies you don´t even see:

Jupiter tilesets often don´t trigger Novas portals and that since the Jupiter rework:

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New melee system is overall great. But Excalibur is now left with only one useful ability. The whole concept of exalted melee feels outdated honestly.
So, here's some ideas on how to improve Excalibur's kit.

[Slash Dash]
If used on enemy, dash speed is greatly increased. Enemies hit by Slash Dash become briefly opened to finishers (for 1-2 seconds). Number of targets that can be hit by single ability use is limited to 1, but in next 2-3 seconds the ability can be used again with lower energy cost. Every hit increases combo counter by 1 point (2 with augment), so you'll need 12 consecutive dashes (6 with augment) to build it fro zero to max.

[Radial Blind/Radial Howl]
No changes needed. Maybe remove a boom sound that happens during Umbra's howl, I find it pretty annoying.

[Radial Javelin]
The damage of this ability should be equal to player's heavy attack damage value and benefit from combo counter (and consume it on ability use). Life Strike also works! If Radial Javelin is casted in the air, Excalibur performs a directional ground slam (so the end of the cast always happens on the ground and its animation makes sense now). Single ability use now costs 50 energy, but tapping the button once more consumes additional 25 energy and pulls affected enemies towards the player.

[Exalted Blade]
Exalted Blade receives Garuda's claws treatment. If player doesn't have a melee weapon equipped, activating this ability will make Excalibur draw his Exalted Blade (just like he does now). If player has a melee weapon equipped, activating this ability will increase equipped melee weapon damage, speed, range and also add wave projectiles to swords and nikanas. Chromatic Blade augment now adds elemental damage without replacing IPS. Waves add to combo counter (only on first hit though). Default Exalted Blade gets access to all melee mods.

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Update 26.1:

Garuda Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a projectile explosion range FX to Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile for the local player (one doing the casting) so you can see your output.
  • Slight trim to the Bloodletting cast animation.
  • Bloodletting now gives 35% Energy instead of 25%.
  • Reduced Seeking Talons charge time by around 15%.
  • Increased Seeking Talons Status Chance from 50 to 75%.
  • Fixed motion blur on Garuda's Dread Mirror.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have no words.


Thank you DE!


Bug with Garuda in shop (melee weapons):

  Скрыть контент





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Hi DE. Blink nerf… Amazing. I totally waited for this. RIP Eidolon hunts. For me Warframe is a fast game. Making Blink slower with a cooldown effect doesn’t feel right for me. Even that doubled Blink range will not compensate that cooldown effect. All in all I hate those nerfs years later. Same with Catchmoon. That tiny pistol got nerfed decades after release. Please just think more about stuff at release and maybe fix it soon after. Blink never needed such a nerf in my opinion. Those nerfs years later literally rob me of all my desire to play the game. But not playing Warframe means that I can spend more time with my girlfriend, which isn’t bad at all to be honest.

I wish you a good weekend DE. ^__^

P.S. I also hope that Khora Deluxe will come before 2035. I’m really waiting for that skin.

Also [Primed Afterburner] when?

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Hello DE, I'd like to suggest these ideas:

1- Adding a button to toggle all placed decorations at once (blue and yellow tint) to be rendered during building mode in dojo, in order to see how the room will look like afterwards, similar to view room colors and lighting.

2- Be able to move a room with its decoration from one node to another.

3- Be able to donate platinum directly to our dojo's vault and also be allowed to buy orbiter decorations inside the dojo with stored platinum.

4- Adding a DPS indicator for selected weapon in the arsenal UI.

5- Allowing companions to share our equipped mods on current equipped weapon simultaneously.

6- The ability to downgrade maxed mods by choosing the desired level for each individual build (i.e. Warframes, weapons, etc..)?

7- Difficulty slider for PVE in options menu in order to make the game either easier or harder? thus harder difficulty yields better loot than the easy one, which will make the game more challenging.

8- Allowing us to sell our resources for credits like you did with fish oil and meat.

9- Some specific augments work like exilus mods while the rest don't, changing all augments to be equippable in the exilus slot, or making an extra slot only for augments.

10- Changing the relic system, because more primes means even more relics to cover them, and the chances of getting a specific relic is getting lower and lower over time.

11- The possibility to make the jukebox in our orbiter load custom music from our hard drive.

12- Buffing the mod "Cautious Shot" to negate damage completely at maxed, as self-damage weapons are still killing us with that mod equipped.

Thank you DE for this amazing game! and thanks for the update!

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