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Wwds, The Lonely 'frames Service


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So....what happens when I listen to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' while chatting in Warframe? This happens, that's what.


Ladies and Tenno, I bid you welcome, to Warframe's Worst Dating Service.


Nekros - "Shall I Desecrate you?"


Nova - "Wanna see a Wormhole?"


Vauban - "I hope you like to Bounce."


Banshee - "I think we just made a Sonic Boom."


Saryn - "Relax, I'm not Contagious."


Trinity - "Hey, wanna Link up?"


Volt - "Whoops, I just Overloaded all over you."


Ash - "Don't worry, no one will see us through the Smokescreen."


Nyx - "It's okay, I can Absorb it all."


Ember - "You've just made me Overheat."


Frost - "That's not a Popsicle."


Excalibur - "Welp, there goes another Javelin."


Mag - "Want me to Pull it up for you?"


Rhino - "Can I Charge right in?"


Loki - "And that was just my Decoy."


...And last but not least, a certain someone decided to drop by and leave a message to a viewer in the audience...


Stalker - "I know your every move..."



...Please don't hang me, I have a, innocent, dirty mind...

If you want to add more, feel free to. Just....well, let's not get too out of hand.

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And now for some Bosses:


Lech Kril - "Nope, that's just my Brokk Hammer."


Vay Hek - "Why won't you come to Uncle Hek?"


Tyl Regor - "You have violated the dress code on this ship. Failure to strip is punishable by death."


Sargas Ruk - "You are in the presence of Grineer perfection!"



And sorry, I won't do Captain Vor because, well, he belongs to Yuikami.

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