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Glaives and Secundaries

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Well, before u could fast change weapons, hold the glaive and a secundarie at same time sounded as a benefit, now it is a bad thing, since u cant block (block is a great new improved feature).

That is pretty much it ^^

EDIT: Forget it, glaives can't block at all... 

EDIT2: It don't auto block, it will only block if right clicked with melle in hand.

EDIT3: It didn't work in fortuna, didn't work in simulacrum, but worked in sanctuary (but not with the secundarie in hand)...

EDIT4: I'm playing, learning end editing, Secundarie and glaive equiped at same has no block, also when u equip both your stance change, it goes to a stance like "stral twilight" even if u are using "gleaming Talon". 

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