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An "endgame" Boss That Will Make Everybody Happy


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 Did that title grab your attention? Well, thats unfortunate, because there is no way to make everybody happy, in fact some probably all of you are going to look at this thread, say "meh" and leave.


Oh well.


 So here is a boss for my "On endgame" thread. He is an infested, has Grineer and Corpus attributes, as well as native infested attributes. He is not resistant to any type of damage, as he has a counter for all.  The only weapons he has vulnerability to are physics-impact and serrated blade. This boss is made up of three different segments of a fight. First, he shows up in a human-like (grineer body) similiar to that of Sargus Ruk or Placeholder model A, save for he has glowing eyes. During the first segment, the lights flicker repeatedly. This causes him to be able to move unseen except for the eyes. He can wallrun like a Tenno (yes, those hitboxes *shudder*) and moves very quickly. Direct damage will move him along to stage 2, no special tactics are required for this one.


 The fight moves along to stage 2, when he takes the form of a large corpus. Here, players will have to dodge lightning bolts and waves, and hit generators that are helping the boss attack. There are 7 generators total, which are reached using wallrun techniques. They can be destroyed and will stun the boss for 20 seconds, enough time to get down to the main floor and  land some hits. Other generators will be blocked for these 20 seconds.


 After destroying this form of the boss, the fight scoots along to a massive infested creature that uses tissue mass and debris as a final weapon. There are several bits that are weak to damage, but the waves of infested and shifting terrain are detrimental to your efforts. Eventually, you will damage the boss enough to were the main part falls away, revealing a Grinner-Corpus-Infested creature. The fight will continue accordingly, as it will recycle moves from the last two fights, only in tandem and combination. Upon slaying this monstrosity Lotus will sound off about how good of a job you did in wasting 3 revives and running out of ammo at least twice.


 Now, a golden opportunity for >>Overarching enemy A<< to show up as a random event, a mini boss. They will fight to avenge their comrade. During the fight, they'll reveal that ALL of the bosses have teamed up, and are moving towards your clans dojo. And you can piece together what happens from there.


If you actually took the time to read all of this, thank you,




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