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Change For Desecrate


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desecrate is actually pretty damn useful. and your idea seems pretty lame.


doesnt fit the theme of defilement and corruption either.

i must admit, the idea of the power sounded horrible due to corpse deprecation, but it seems to affect recently dead enemies whether the corpse is there or not. 


just yesterday, i was with a group for several runs on Kiste, we had 2 Nekro's and 2 Saryn's. we kept the number of enemies in control, and the Nekro's spawned so many health orbs i couldn't die if i tried. they were better healers than Trinity, haha. 



ultimately, my only concern when Nekro was still in a concept, was that Desecrate seemed useless because corpses didn't stick around long enough.

but, this isn't a problem for the power, so i like it just how it is. it's a bonus of all kinds of stuff, as cool as healing is. 

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