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Vor's Prize: How Close Are We? Evidence Shows It May Be Closer Than You Think.


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ARGH! I cant get this @(*()$ image to post >,<


I just spent a half an hour trying to make a meme joke. Not worth the effort. I dumbed that picture down to a stamp sized blur and I was still getting errors like 'This format is not supported' or 'format is too long'. Seems rather ironic.


Here's the joke.. http://imgur.com/hmMJuba

It's at least rejected due to being such HD artwork.


I hate my life.

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It is... THIS CLOSE 


 ______ you                                                                                                           _______ Vor's Prize

v                                                                                                                            v


|o  |  |   ______________|   __|   |   |_____    ____________________________x|

|__   |________   ____|   ______|   _______|__________________________   |

|_________________    ____|_____________________________________   |

                                   |   _______________________________|   __________|


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