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Ferrox (throw)

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Ferrox second shot (spear throw), it great i like it a lot, it is no very powerfull by it self, but works masterfully... or kind of.

I think it would be great if the spear throw effect could damage (not necessarily pull) nullifiers bubble, arbitration drones and lich thralls.

Reason: Nulifiers bubble and arbitration drones doens't take damage from warframe skills, but takes damage from guns/weapons, so why ferrox wouldn't work against'em.

Maybe it is my misconception here, but in the wiki it shows the imunities from arbitrations drones, i use Gas build, and Gas damage doesn't apear in its weakness or strenghts, but nulifiers bubble are strong agains Gas, but not imune. So it isn't based in my damage that it doesn't work, actually i teste other damage tipes just to be shure, and jut once inside simulacrum (propably a bug) it hit the nullifier, but not the bubble, end that happened when the bubble crossed the spear, but it didn't happened again later.

EDIT: I just forgot, would be nice if u displayed the eletric damage too, cuz it has one and it mix with other elements.

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