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Sentinel Damage Listed Grows Exponentially


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I just noticed a strange bug, where every time I click upgrade and then leave the upgrade screen on the sentinel weapon, the weapon damage listed doubles (Although it seems in a mission, the damage is normal and not increased.)


How I've modded my sentinel Djinn    http://i.imgur.com/NXiFdRs.jpg

How the damage looks on the UI        http://i.imgur.com/cwP4t2E.jpg


The UI corrects itself after entering a different screen, such as the market or foundry or when reloading after relogging into Warframe.

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It does this with all stats of different categories of things in the arsenal. They don't register fast enough to be displayed correctly.
Example: I switched from Frost Prime to Loki and it said something like 780 health and 960 shield (my numbers could be way off).


Edit: I just looked at the pictures and that is a very high number.. Although I still believe it's the same issue.

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