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Iridium (Europe) Is Recruiting! (Teamspeak 3.0 Is Basic)


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Hello guys! As one of the Warlords of Iridium we are now looking for more players that are semi-active. In that we want you to join up at evenings with us on teamspeak and do missions together whenever it is VOIDS, ALERTS or whatnot!

Iridium got teamspeak for those who want to join in the dojo. Information is there.

Iridium got all research done

Iridium is a clan for those who want to share voidmissions

Add me Kasp0me ingame or whisper me for more. Usually online at the evenings!

See you there :)

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As a German player who's been gone for a while, I'm interested.


I've been online and alert-farming daily since I started again but I'm having a hard time catching up with the void, orokin and dojo stuff.


I'm searching for an opportunity to learn and meet new players aside from the sprint-spank-space crowd that inhabits the random squads. °O


I'll add you ingame.

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