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Hello everyone. If you're reading this than that means you at least show interest in joining a clan. It also means that you're like me and want not only a clan but a group of friends that you can regularly play with to improve your WARFRAME experience.


As a Ghost Clan (10 people or less) we can have a more meaningful squad and we care about our members. You wont get lost in the see of numbers like large clans.


For any clan to be successful we need our Tenno to be human and treat others with respect. Together we can build a truly unique and personal space that can truly solidify the bonds we build over time. The clan dojo; the ultimate goal and endgame that we strive for. 


What does being in a clan offer you? A group of well known Tenno that can aid you in whatever you need help with be it farming for warframe parts or nano spores. Together, we can chip in our resources and obtain the prized and sought after research weapons.


Ultimately, it comes down to cooperation. Ask not what your clan can do for you but what you can do for your clan.


If interested, please post in this thread and I will add you to our roster with haste.

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