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Making Impact and Puncture more desirable


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So I know various talk has been heard over the year, usually just little mentions, about making IPS more relevant. I remember they wanted to make Khora have something to do with IPS, but then scrapped it because they would need to basically do Damage 3.0 to do what they wanted. Now we have Heat being changed to strip armor and make it more desirable, primarily for Ember's sake (but naturally it has a wider scope).

Going in the same vein, I would like to see Impact and Puncture improved to make them more relevant relative to Slash. I'm sure there's many ideas, but I at least wanted to share one option that popped in my head so that I can least get the idea OUT of my head (you ever think of something and just can't STOP?). In my view, Slash is already in a very strong and desirable position, so maybe doesn't need more.

  • Impact - While keeping the Stagger effect, it should also gain what I would dub Reverb. This effect would cause the enemy to take extra damage every time damage is dealt to him. That is to say... Reverb would have a certain damage number tied to it that would trigger when other instances of damage are dealt to the target. This status effect could, instead of being time-limited, have a number of charges - with additional applications adding more charges in addition to increasing the damage amount.
    So you hit them with Fragor Prime, and proc Reverb. Say another player then damages them with anything at all, Reverb procs an amount of damage based on your Fragor Prime's Impact.
    This could prove especially interesting on low damage weapons with a high fire/attack rate.
  • Puncture - The Puncture effect would gain something fairly similar to armor-stripping, but not quite the same: Vulnerability. The idea is simple... Puncture procs, and incoming damage is increased while the status is in effect. Exactly how much could depend on the Puncture value of the weapon, but stack higher with additional applications. There could be a simple cap on just how high this number gets to keep the scaling from getting out of control, of course.
    I was thinking it would just be a percentage increase to incoming damage, simply because the damage would still be subject to the target's armor.
    This could combine in fun ways with armor-stripping effects, but could also provide an alternative to stripping enemy armor.
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