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A Question And A Request (For Survival)


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OK first for the question.


Normal when enough members (I think 2) of your cell reaches the exit room a message appears for all tenno to get to extraction and a 1 minute timer starts counting down. If you haven't reached the end by then you're auto extracted. 


When I find this happening I find I don't receive any credits for the mission (seen in both the end of mission tally and when comparing my pre- and post- mission totals).


Is this normal or a bug? As I seem to still get all the mods and resources I've collected just not the credits.


Now during survival missions, neither the message or the timer appear (as the count up time is in the corner). Therefore in random joined missions it's possible to lose the rest of your cell and have them all reached the exit and find yourself auto-extracted thus lose any credits for that mission. This is especially annoying in void mission where the credits can be 10k-30k. 


My request is, DE could you include the auto-extraction timer in survival mode as I could almost see the no credits as being the penalty for needing to be auto-extract, though it is a bit hash.

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Or they could make it so that THEY CAN'T EXTRACT unless you have a majority of people, just like a normal mission. Or THEY DISCONNECT from the game with their rewards, and you can keep doing what you're doing.

4 survivals, in all 4 of them there was a $&*#^% who decided it was a good idea to leave early without telling anyone.

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