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Less Mods More Auras For Upcoming Update


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So, this isn't really a complaint that we have too many mods or anything, because I'm one of the players that thinks there can never be enough mods. However, I'd love to see if Aura selection became more relevant with a higher variety, so instead of the broad scoped ones we have now, we could have some build specific ones that are more powerful than traditional auras, but do not stack. Like this for examp ->


V Slot - Precise Strikes - Increases the chance when dealing a critical hit, that the critical hit will be more severe (a red crit.) by 20% for squad members.  


So essentially for those crit lovers, it gives a percent chance when you actually crit to have that crit be a red critical, would be excellent for an ash player for example as an aura. Another as an idea.


Dash Slot - Iron Curtain - Icreases the armor of squad members by 45%. 


Good for squishy frames that have decent armor base without having to slot a steel fib/


D slot - Dampening Matrix - Increases elemental resistance of squad members by 15%, gives squad members a chance to resist knockdown by 15%, increases shield capacity of squad members by 30%. 


A good aura for someone like frost, who is a mix between a tank and a utility character

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