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Dojo Room Destruction - Parent/Child Relationship

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Hello there ~

To remove some old dojo rooms your being forced to destroy all child rooms built after that room.

Which means that at some point you may have to destroy your whole dojo just to remove one of the first dojo room you have ever build years ago.

Changing the dojo spawns doesnt help in some case when some rooms that need to be removed are prerequisite to other rooms.


Could you add a way to bypass that "parent" restriction ?

For exemples:

- By allowing us to force the destruction of any room "at our own risk".

- By allowing us to move already built rooms into different locations or swaping them.

Same for prerequisite rooms.






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as far as i undestand it it is only a problem so long as it is to the same room exept for rooms like clan halls or research things because they need some rooms to be placed so what do you want to remove and im aware of a bug or something that says that the room has child rooms while being a dead end and i rebuild my dojo complete once had no problems

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It would be helpful if a new available parent were selected for a child when the original parent is destroyed.

I currently can't destroy a room due to "dependent" children...


I can't delete room 1 due to room 2 originating from room 1, even though room 2 still having a full path leading back to the rest of the dojo.
This means I also have to delete the entire upper floor related to room 2 when it in reality feels like the game should reassign the connector to the left of room 2 as the new "parent".



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