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DE did it again (Content qualtiy)

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Still waiting for the old blood content to have any meaning or context what so ever.

Whole thing feels like a bunch of random concepts from other games all layered on top of old missions without much thought of how it would work.

I still don't think liches are nearly challenging enough to justify the free elemental bonus. They need to really rethink their definition of challenge here. I feel like i skipped years worth of itemization by getting a few kuva weapons with decent rolls. 

2 of my kuva weapons drastically outperform anything I have and it was mind numbingly easy to get. Just a boring and tedious slog of repetitive murmur farming. Even a lowball roll on a seer without a potato is making my kitguns look like a waste of time.

Test of patience rather than skill. 


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Jumping in here to say that this railjack phase 1 is content released the RIGHT way. Haven't bothered with the kuva lich thing; still waiting on the dust to settle on that one. OP is subjectively wrong, from my perspective. This is a good update half update, whatever you want to call it, and I want to see more content rolled out like this that is a resource sink, forces people to slow down and take their time and lets us build/participate in something instead of the magic wand being waived and "voilla! things!".

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On 2019-11-24 at 7:59 AM, tyreens said:

And the third thing is the current state of kuva liches. After so much updates the kuva lich situation is still a complete mess. There were so many good feedbacks but they just don't care. Neither the shared kuva, the tradable kuva system nor the weapon reroll is a fix to the fact that you it too much rng for playing the old content again. The time/reward ratio is not worth that content.

This is kindof where I'm at. The railjack part 1 update drops and suddenly everyone forgets that the Lich system is a complete pile of grind on grind on grind of unrewardingness.

3 Liches in a row have been downgrade weapons. So what am I doing here? I'm farming nothing for nothing. They added a pittance of kuva to the 1-4 levels of the lich, thats a start but its not even close to being worth the time invested.

C'mon DE. So much feedback ignored. Player time massively disrespected. Feels bad man.

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