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Recruiting Sons Of Anarchy


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Somewhat active clan, not on at all times, not completely committed.  

started 9/29/13, recruiting new members, will start at prospect.


Rules and Regulations


The use of profanity and vulgar language is lightly permitted, overuse will result in expulsion.

Somewhat "Family Friendly".

Small arguments are permitted, if you want to argue, please whisper or send messages, filling up the clan bar with an argument will result in expulsion of all participants.

Do not tell anyone you do drugs (if you do drugs),or admit to any felonies, misdemeanors, or other crimes, this is a legal matter and I do not want to get sued or arrested for withholding evidence from the Police.

Clan Dojo arena will settle fights, if you are arguing with someone. 


Roles will be assigned as the President sees fit.


Clan Ranks


Clan Ranks: Prospect, Member, Unholy ones, Men of Mayhem, Secretary, Sgt. at Arms, V. President, President.


(no guarantees of promotion after given time periods)


Prospects: Any level, as many prospects as needed, Minimum time as prospect is 1 month


Member: Any level, as many Members as needed, Minimum time as Member is 1 month


Unholy Ones: Any level, 20 allowed, Minimum time as Unholy One is 1 month


Men of Mayhem: At least level 1, 15 allowed as this rank, minimum time 1 month


Secretary: At least level 1, 10 allowed in this rank, minimum time 1 month


Sgt. At Arms: At least level 2, 5 allowed in this rank, minimum time 1 month


V. President: At least level 3, 3 allowed in this rank, minimum time 1 month


President: At least level 3, 1 allowed at this rank. 




Ask Siggie(V. President) or myself [THENEWROZ (President)] for help on anything you need to know.

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