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Catchmoon Build


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1 hour ago, Lord_Babadook said:

what is the best Combinations for this gun ? i heard Haymaker and Zipneedle ,,, or Haymaker and Splat . what you guys think ?

regarding to catchmoon, Haymaker is pretty much the best grip to push the highest DPS.

And for the loader, you could choose from Splat or Killstream.

Splat is for people who don't reload until the mag is empty. ( high mag size, slower reload speed )

Killstream is for people who love reloading whenever they kill something. ( lower mag size, faster reload speed )

Other than these 2 factors, they are the same.

Why not Zipneedle? Even though Zipneedle provides much faster reload speed ( 0.9 seconds compared to 1.7 seconds of Splat ), Zipneedle provides much less crit chance, crit damage and mag size, resulting in about 25% less dps than Haymaker and Splat

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