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Dark Sector Stalker


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Well, jus a random kinda thing I noticed, but a few enemies from the dark sector game look similar to warframes you can be, and I dont mean nemisis or Hayden here.

Like for example http://darksector.wikia.com/wiki/Stalker Kinda reminds me of Nekros, give it a hood, and dangly bits on its back and your set

Reproporion this guy a bit and he could be Rhino http://darksector.wikia.com/wiki/Colossus

Oh and cover the rest of this one in armour and its kinda Saryn http://darksector.wikia.com/wiki/File:Howler2.png


Edit: Also a side note, yes I am aware dark sector was meant to be warframe, but became something else and is now a prequal, this thread is just to point out similarities some enemies have to frames that may have been missed.

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