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Rising Tide: Hotfix 26.1.2


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Rising Tide: Hotfix 26.1.2


  • Improvements towards Orokin Derelict mission markers to address pathing issues.
  • Reduced Orbiter machine sounds while in Menu screens.

Railjack Resource Changes & Fixes:

  • Swapped the planet locations of Cubic Diodes and Carbide to match their Resource type:
    • Cubic Diodes = Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset
    • Carbides = Eximus units on Ceres Shipyard tileset
  • Fixed Cubic Diodes and Carbide Resources not dropping 50% of the time. For further clarification, *abilities that increase loot drops do not apply to these Resource drop type: Cubic Diodes and Carbides have a 100% chance to roll the table for a 50% chance, can't boost that 100% any further!
  • Fixed various issues with ground-mission Cubic Diodes and Carbide pickups, such as: Waypointing them resulted in a generic waypoint and not an item specific tag, and pickup FX being removed as soon as someone picked them up resulting in confusion as to where the Resource actually is on the ground.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Chimera’ Prologue could not be completed. 
  • Fixed the Orb Vallis Coildrives driving in erratic circles and sometimes becoming stuck when going off course. This also fixes an inability to complete Coildrive Bounties!
  • Fixed a recurring issue where hacking a panel on a Corpus tileset would prevent you from hacking it again in the future, potentially locking the player in the room during lockdown.
  • Potential fix towards Stalker not remaining in the mission if a Host migration occurred while he was out for blood.
  • Fixed low number of spawns in the second Rising Tide quest mission.
  • Fixed Companions getting distracted by Roller Floofs while being viewed in the Arsenal, making them near impossible to customize.
  • Fixed some Dry Dock skyboxes appearing rotated.
  • Fixed inability to Revive after getting clocked by a submersible mine underwater.
  • Fixed the ‘Ordis Volume’ slider option applying to Cy Transmission volume. Cy Transmission volume are now affected by the ‘Transmission Volume’ slider.
  • Fixed Archwing boost sound playing when using Titania’s Razorwing.
  • Fixed misaligned Link when viewing the Kludgekil Machete Zaw Skin.
    • We’re chasing a related issue of the FX also being misaligned. 
  • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
  • Fixed some holes within the new Orbiter.
  • Fixed missing description for the Narvarr Prime Armor.
  • Fixed Audio Options text appearing as boxes or otherwise being smaller than expected.
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Thanks for the hotfix!

Still hoping for a way to play liches in premade squads. Currently you need to rng the same nodes as your friends for it to be functional and that's far too inconvenient.

Still hoping for critical chance on slide attack to be brought up to a reasonable power level.

Sacrificial Steel = 220
CC on rivens = 180
Maiming Strike = 150
Slide CC on rivens = 90

The first 2 applies on all attacks and gets 2x on heavy attacks.

The latter 2 forces you to slide exclusively.

This makes no sense.

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Thank you for a hotfix!

Any chance the new mining resources could be added to Tusk Thumpers and the Exploiter Orb respectively? This would be consistent with mining resources and open avenues to farming them.

Also, any chance vanilla skins/models could be applied to variants of Weapons much like what can be achieved on a Warframe? Everyone has a taste of fashion, and many people might not be too keen on the look of Aksomati Prime, Silva & Aegis Prime, etc. It's awesome to see Zaws being allowed to use skins, but more avenues for customization would be sweet.

Itzal is in a pretty bad spot as it is now slower than Nova, Wisp, and other speed oriented Warframe builds. It would be nice if Blink was nerfed without a cool-down. A higher energy cost or similar nerf would require players to expend more resources to get Blink to where it was, it would promote using other Archwings other than Itzal, and it would not make higher end Eidolons and Orbs more tedious/annoying. The Blink cool-down really hurts efficient gameplay where it shouldn't, and this renders Archwing as a whole as lackluster compared to a more specialized loadout.

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9 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Cubic Diodes = Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset
  • Carbides = Eximus units on Ceres Shipyard tileset

it makes sense now! Also blink still feels horrible. 3s or however long the cooldown is too long. Felt terrible on the first day. Still feels terrible now. Gonna feel terrible next week.

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Swapped the planet locations of Cubic Diodes and Carbide to match their Resource type:

  • Cubic Diodes = Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset
  • Carbides = Eximus units on Ceres Shipyard tileset


Great - that makes way more sense!

Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of fixes and solutions for the following bugs and issues in the update notes, so here's a polite reminder. Quite a few of these are long-standing issues and concerns that have been reported elsewhere by other players as well as myself. 




- Ranged Stealth kills - even when modded for Silence and no multishot - do not trigger the stealth kill XP bonus timer. This has been broken for more than a month. Silenced weapons are arguably pointless now.

- Baruuk's Desolate Hands' orbiting daggers will target and kill wildlife, including animals that have been tranquilized for capture as part of Conservation activities. This makes Conservation activities impossible to complete while Desolate Hands is active. 

- Weapons glitching occasionally when Baruuk switches out from Serene Storm. 

- Loss of sfx for Baruuk's orbiting daggers when they transfer to other players when playing as a Client.
- Host Migrations on Defense missions can randomly reset some player scores to zero while leaving one player's scores intact. This happens after players elect to leave or stay for the next set of waves. 

- Host Migrations NOT "pausing" the game at times, wherein enemies will still attack and do damage to the player. This has been an issue for years and it can be game-breaking. 

- Garuda's Talons switch to their "undeployed" animation state after performing a Stealth Kill, even if the Talons were previously "equipped".

- Kuva Floods still do not reward Requiem Relics all the time.

- Limbo's Stasis no longer pauses the duration of existing status effects afflicting enemies within the Rift.


Balance / Gameplay-related Issues and Concerns: 



- A Lich ally's contribution to gameplay is largely insignificant. The Lich will only show up at random when player health is very low and will leave after only 2 minutes. Lich allies need to be far more reliable to justify the grind spent obtaining them. Make them a summonable ally via a deployable beacon.

- Acquiring Grendel is incredibly and needlessly grindy and tiring. Players are not only forced to run numerous Arbitrations to get the needed amount of Vitus Essence (75), but they are also required to run lengthy level 40 Excavation, Defense, and Survival missions without the aid of mods, arcanes or the Operator. This isn't providing "challenge". This is placing hardcore arbitrary restrictions / conditions and immense pressure on a player to succeed. Grendel's parts being guaranteed rewards doesn't justify forcing us into missions where we are completely stripped of any and all bonuses. As far as being a reward for our troubles, Grendel might be fun, but he is not worth the slog.

- Attempting a kill or conversion on a Lich nemesis with the Parazon without the right mod sequence or any mods should not result in the player dying, nor should it automatically level up the Lich. This is needlessly punishing. On defeat and a failed "hack", the Lich should only initiate an emergency teleport escape so it can fight another day. In addition, the Lich should only be able to level up if it defeats the player in an actual fight. We level our weapons and 'Frames by defeating enemies. It should be no different with a Lich. When the Lich defeats a player, it teleports away and levels up. When it levels up, it only reclaims the nodes the player previously cleared out but doesn't spread further.

- Allowing Requiem mods to be rendered useless after 3 successful Lich kills / conversions fails to respect player time and effort and it's inconsistent with how all other mods work.

- As the Rising Tides has painfully pointed out, Dojo planning and assembly can be really frustrating, especially when trying to accommodate something as massive as the Dry Dock that extends vertically.

- Duplicate Kuva weapons are a bad thing and this needs to be properly addressed. When generating a Lich nemesis for a player, the game could do one of two things. The first would be to check for existing Kuva weapons in the player's inventory and only equip the Lich with a random weapon that the player does NOT have. This would to prevent instances of players winding up with duplicate Kuva weapons. If the player has all the Kuva weapons that are available, the game is allowed to generate a random Kuva weapon for the Lich nemesis. There's still a bit of grind and randomness involved to get the weapon you want, but as stated earlier, at least there's no chance of getting a duplicate weapon. Another idea would be to give the Larva a regular version of the Kuva weapon it would get if it became a Lich nemesis. This way, players can quickly decide as to whether or not to simply gun down the Larva and let it die or trigger it so that it turns into a Lich with the appropriate Kuva weapon. The second solution gives the player more agency and a better idea of what they'd wind up getting at the end of the grind.

- Having Kuva and Ayatan Amber Stars as possible rewards for cracking open Requiem Relics is nothing more than needless drop-table filler.

- Kuva Weapons require no less than 5 Forma each to get Mastery for them, which is inconsistent with how other weapons work. Don't even bring the Paracesis into this - it's not even comparable in terms of acquisition and origin.

- There is a need for an opt-out mechanic / "peace offering" option for players that have a Lich nemesis that they don't or no longer want to fight for whatever reason.

- Mercy Kills on anything but Lich nemesis enemies and Thralls are largely pointless. In addition, the window of opportunity to perform a Mercy Kill on regular enemies is ridiculously small.

- Nekros Shadows are affected by Oberon's Renewal despite Nekros having his own means of "healing" them if the player so desires. This can pose a large and unreasonable energy drain on Oberon players who are modded for healing. Shadows need and should be exempt from the effects of Renewal.

- Warframes with spam-able "Nuke" abilities, such as Saryn, Equinox, Mesa, and Volt, are still not co-op friendly due to being able to dominate small defense maps by hogging the vast majority of kills. All players should be able to contribute and participate in missions in meaningful ways with whatever 'Frame they choose, not be bored to tears because someone was able to delete most of the enemies for everyone else with extremely powerful and easy to spam abilities that also has massive range. Nerf nuke abilities to more acceptable levels and you'll also make CC-based 'Frames relevant again without the need to rework them.

- Zenistar's default timer for having the disc out is still too low. No, the time should not be based on combos.


Also, it would be really appreciated if you all could: 



- Allow us, if it's possible, to opt out of certain Warframe abilities (such as Volt's Speed and Limbo's Rift Walk portals) via a game preference toggle. We can turn off Octavia's sounds for other players because of how intrusive they can be, so why not potentially intrusive abilities? Not everyone wants to be Rifted or wind up running around like a Russian Dwarf Hamster on meta-amphetamines. Win-win for all, with no need for a player to have to "manually opt out" by rolling / dodging every time an intrusive ability is activated and winds up adversely affecting said player. 

- Buff fashion frame / customization a bit and give us a color wheel picker to choose colors from instead of having to scroll though numerous pallets to find the color we want. Grey out color blocks on the wheel that are associated with pallets that a player doesn't own.

- Please bring back regular Alerts for players that either can't or don't want to deal with Nightwave. Players appreciate having options and Nightwave has not been particularly new-player friendly. To add to this, a number of players have complained about how Nitain is now being effectively locked behind Nightwave credits and a very unreliable reward system (Sabotage & Cetus Bounty, the latter only when Ghouls are present). 

- Lower the credit cost to build Ephemera and drop the resource costs substantially. It's a purely cosmetic item that does nothing but leave footprints / trails that disappear after a few seconds. Also, if these are supposed to be a prestige item / badge of honor...they need to be a GUARANTEED reward when reaching a particular milestone. If not, lower the grind needed to acquire them please. 


Thanks for reading.

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Thank you DE for your work!

...I could again insert in this comment a bunch in-game of flaws about my "waifu" Garuda, but I won’t. I feel that everyone is already tired of my comments. Have a good working week for everyone.

confused cat GIF


53 минуты назад, Autumnatopoeia сказал:

Can we get an option for hold melee to heavy attack? It's really irritating to lose combo count accidentally all the time while trying to perform only regular melee attacks.


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Not sure if this is widely known but there's a small exploit with Archguns where players can essentially ignore the cooldown mechanic. I think it can be reproduced like this:


1) Equip Archgun

2) Use some amount of ammo

3) Use a Mercy finisher!

---This seems to be the problem -- the Parazon is briefly equipped (meaning Archgun is shortly unequipped, although the player's returned to Archgun afterwards) and this sets off the Archgun cooldown relative to however much ammo was expended thus far. This actually seems to enable most normal functions -- melee can be used after performing Mercy with an Archgun equipped. 

4) The cooldown will start counting down while the player continues to use their Archgun.

5) It doesn't have to be once the Deployer is fully cooled down, but using Weapon Swap key to unequip Archgun (instead of reusing the Deployer as intended) and it will keep its cooldown progress. 

*Note that using the Deployer instead will properly set the cooldown based on however much ammo was used up to that moment.

6) After "properly" using Weapon Swap key to put away Archgun, the cooldown for the Deployer may well have reset already, so the player can simply reuse the Deployer to call back their gun with full ammo -- circumventing the need to pick up any Heavy Gun Ammo.


I don't think it's game breaking but I feel like the dev team might want to be aware of it, assuming they aren't already. 😀

And I haven't voiced my thoughts on this yet but I for one am grateful for the Kuva in Requiem relics. 1200 might not seem like much but it's a relatively reliable chunk for people without boosters. There's something satisfying about hitting up Kuva Survival for the mission type, then getting a bonus glob of the old blood and some void traces sprinkled on top. Having Requiem fissures be occasional things makes them seem more appreciable than nodes that are constantly around.

So thanks for that!

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