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Nekro Like Minions


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a little bit zergling.

but i think it wold be cool when nekro can summon somethink that looks like him instead of his enemy.

a organic version of the enemy that he have collect.(shield drone = shield djinn for example)


i know. alot of new models but it would be not so confusing for my random teammates.

sometimes they try to attack my clones.-.-

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This would be simply amazing if DE would implement this, it would also be neat if the appearance varied with the enemies you killed (i.e Grineer Lancer = this photo and for a Grineer Bombard some other design)


or to make it not so complikatet:they can design just one sort of minions that can use the weapon of a fallen enemy,one sort of minions that can use melee and the rest are the smal stuff like rollers and drones where they need just a organic version of it.

a crazy pack of (whatever) that shoot around and do S#&$ :D

(please dont time based!!or give them 8 HP when the time is over. its very sad when they fall for no reason:(


i dont know XD. or its a bug and they cant see the energycolor effect.

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If your teammates can't tell the difference between an enemy and a shadow then they must either be blind or playing with a black and white monitor.

The ability bugs on clients sometimes and doesn't show the shadow effect, so others end up emptying all ammo on your invincible allies.

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