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I Need Help Choosing Weapons.



As new weapons are coming out, they keep getting better, and I need to clear out some room in my inventory. I also have a few questions with what I should do with my weapons, and which I should get or sell.


1. Which weapons should I get rid of? Note: I do prefer stealth and sniping, and the Wraith and Vandal came with their own slots, so I shall keep those types of weapons.


2. Which weapons should I get? Like Hikou or something?


Here are all of my weapons....


Melee: Ether Reaper, Orthos, Reaper Prime, Fang Prime, Galatine  

Secondary: Acrid, Despair, Seer, Bronco Prime (Is Hikou any good?)

Primary: Flux Rifle, Lanka, Synapse, Strun Wraith, Snipetron Vandal, Dread, Soma, Latron Prime


Note: I plan to obtain Paris Prime, Orthos Prime, Braton Prime, and possibly Dakra Prime if it is any good.

Note: The Synapse has a 50% critical rate, and its base critical hit is slightly more damage than the Flux Rifle's base damage. This may be a better option after armor 2.0.


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point is, i don't need community help to know what weapons are useful or what suits me best. because they don't know me and i don't know them.


you never know, they can tell you that Nova is good frame and bow is the best weapon.

Bows certainly do not have the highest DPS in game, but they sure are fun to use!

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hmm i would say try to save $10 and get some plat and buy some slots

if you can't spend some cash than i'd probably get rid of the Lanka ,before that thing charges everything is either in your face or dead by teammates

and i personally would get rid of the melees , get dual zorens and Kogake for lots of lol moments, but that is my personal favorites


keep the latron prime -

first you worked hard to get all the parts

second whoever says its useless is ******* that doesn't know any better


latron prime is one of the best weapons in game against grineers and corpus (if not the best), its great for any missions and i'll take it to any of those defence missions every time- no need to worry about ammo and it just decimates everything with 1-3  headshots

sure it lacks against the ancients ,but you have strun wraith for the infested

here is my latron if you want to try that,i'm sure you will like it once you have it


bottom line, use whatever makes you happy and with what you have most fun

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