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Warframe Haunting: Colour Bug, I'm Always Looking Pale Grey ( I Look Like A Ghost To Me And All Other Players)


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This is quite enoying as I bought the Colour Palettes to be able to customise my Character a bit, well in vain as it seams,. I cant use those Colour Palettes... So I've paid money for something that is useless to me.

First I thought it had to do with my Graphics Card, GPU or something. Old drivers, direct x11, and started testing but nope. So I started to ask ingame, and so it appears that it is not just me that is seeing myself as pale grey, but other players as well, when I know for sure my selected colours are NOT ALL GREY... and I'm not the only one who have encountered the problem eaither as of what I've heard and been told.

I understand this is a beta and I understand you guyes have a lot to adress, but come on, if I pay money for something, shouldent it work? Well I could buy a broken device at a hardware store, but then they would probably replace it. Kind of hard here, and I don't want the platinum refunded haha I want this to work. I dont wanna look like the Warframe Haunting... 

I have also made a support ticket about this.


The colors my ember have (ORIGINAL SET UP, couse hey I like that set-up for her)


And this is what I look like in game, every game... IT SUCKS realy...
(NOTE: my weapons turns this greyish colour as well, the Sentinel on the other hand is not quite right, but at least he as colour, still not realy the ones I've chosen. He is not the same anymore :(   )


STAY GOLD ALL, im apperently is staying all grey.

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Have you tried resetting the colours then re-colouring them?

Yeah... I've done it several time even. In vain :/


This happens to me too but only if the weapon and frame have no potato which makes the bug really weird.


Wierd.. Well I have a potato on the Flux here, the other stuff is unpotatoed :/ 

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