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Ai Hostage Runs In Circles - Can't Open Doors - Suicides...


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Mission:: Rescue on Numa, Saturn

Bug Issue: AI Hostage 'pathing'


Ok, so I was running solo on Numa, Saturn in Nightmare Mode, and I got to the Hostage cell area and found the Hostage.  He followed me ok to start with so I went ahead a little to clear the pathway.  I immediately noticed time and time again that he was appearing to just sit back and drink coffee or something.  Running back, I noticed he would be on the other side of a door standing in one of the corners ever time.


This happened several times, so I had to babysit him/her through the doorways.  I thought I had a SS of it but it came out to be a blank black SS.


Ok, so about halfway through the path back to the extraction point, I noticed he was lagging behind again.  I went back to him and saw this:



Then, I get to a point o nthe map where I have to climb up a wall, or jump up onto pipes to get to a doorway.  Of course John Doe Billybobdumba55 can't make the climb and hops around before hiding under the pipes.

He then says forget it and literally jumps off into the abyss of electrical death and I get a Failed Mission screen with the following clutter Code Txt string to the upper Left:



And I got a couple good NM mods on that run.  Watch out for any rescue missions, especially NM mode.



Yup, he's an idiot

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