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A Sentinel Meant To Die


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Put simply, the Djinn Sentinel was created solely for its own destruction. It's "Fatal Attraction" is only 'fatal' in regards to the sentinel itself, and the little guy has no special attributes; he's just a flying turret that's supposed to die.


Why is he supposed to die, you ask?


Currently, the Djinn Sentinel comes with a - (Line, Bar, Utility, etc.) polarity. The ONLY Sentinel Mod that fits this polarity is Spare Parts, which is only applicable on the Sentinel's death. DE wanted the miserably overpriced, subpar research sentinel to die.


lik this if u cry evrytiem


In all seriousness, this is ridiculous IMO.



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I agree with you, they could improve the ability. Such as making enemies run at you without shooting, but that would only be usefull for melee built warframes. It usually dies early in a mission, so you lose your turrent for the rest of the game, and I know Jerry(my sentinel XD) has saved me a number of times with just his gun.

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i'm speechless.


on topic:

concatenate with the floating Acrid for a gun Djinn has, which has relatively inferior CC to Deth Machine Gun or Sweeper, is odd. a single target weapon, but a 'hey guise pay attention to me' secondary ability. 

those two don't go together. 



Every time i see a grineer scorch i say to myself: There goes my toy again...

all pets seem to get rekd by Scorches just the same...

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Did you notice how the weak as hell Carrier sentinel comes with a Defense polarity and a fairly good weapon? The weapon Djinn uses is fairly good, but they should at least give him a D polarity and a better second ability. e.e

Djinn's weapon is good, just not on the Djinn. It's good if the Sentinel's target is inert (due to awful Sentinel targeting), and due to the fact it's a projectile in combination with the -comparitively- long range on the Thumper mod, Djinn can't make use of his own weapon. Also, his ability has potential as well, it's just that it wasn't implemented well at all.

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his ability is an AoE damage skill, it's description is wrong. There are youtube videos of how it works. It's still crap, but it doesn't get the stupid thing killed.

Nah it's also an aggro mechanic to it, I have Djinn, once I took fatal attraction off, NEVER again I saw grineer and corpus shoot the sentinel anymore, stupid thing needs to be completely changed.

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