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Getting A Vauban



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The alerts pop up every now and then, but you might not be able to access them (even if you have some sort of Alert notifier). I've only needed the Chassis for a month and a bit already, and a couple of days ago, two appeared in one day. I was at school when one appeared and at work for the other.


It's best to direct your attention to something else (other weapons and Frames, or just going about and unlocking every mission in the Solar System, perhaps), and just treat available Vauban Part Alerts as a pleasant surprise. Makes patience much easier. XD

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Yea, I've had two parts of him but just recently there was a flurry of vauban alerts. I managed to snag the last piece I needed.


It's really random and they might not happen at the most convenient times. Try not to focus too much on getting vauban, as he is the most elusive warframe to obtain (asides from possibly Banshee)

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