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Upgrade Screens Need Auto-Wrap Added... Updated


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I'm running windowed Warframe at 1280x1024 (but this seems to happen at any resolution).




Notice the page numbers - which are quite voluminous, btw - which do not fit? Problem one is they don't display all of the numbers. Problem two is the mod options (Cancel) buttons are laying over top of some of the numbers.


Can you make some minor adjustments?:


A) Put some space between the numbers/ buttons and the mods.




B) Place a limit or parameters so that the text "wraps" - or you can make a cute sliding box with controls on either sides. In any case, I'm sure you can get those numbers to obey some sort of productive rule-set. It's a pain to go through them - especially when you have a hundred pages of "Reach" (this pic is not my melee weapon, but believe me - it isn't any better, and REACH is the major culprit...)


UPDATE: Another idea is to make a scrub bar format so you don't have to display every number right there on screen. You find these in video / animation editors for handling thousands - sometimes millions of frames (its crude - don't laugh...):




Use the bottom bar to speed through to the desired section, and the triangles on the sides to step through mods one by one. Much more efficient and better looking than a bunch of numbers stuck on your screen.

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