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Mirage: Small, low effort tweaks that'd go a long way

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Base health increased by 200. (Context: Ability 3 change!)
Ability 1:
  • Re-castable before it ends.
Goal: Small QoL change, which reduces the amount of double checking with your remaining ability 1 & 3 buff durations. Also improves synergy with her augment, making it more worthwhile compared to flat ability strength.
Ability 3:
  • Maximum damage reduction reduced by 7.5% (95% -> 87.5%).
  • Grants status- and self-damage immunity.
Goal: Makes Mirage's defenses more consistent as lighting mechanics don't always act as a player would expect. Better defense against burst damage, worse defense against consistent damage.  Ups her explosive game & ability 1 synergy in a minimalist way, without overtuning her numbers.
Ability 4:
  • While active Mirage gains full light bonus on ability 3.
  • Casting speed increased by 50%.
Goal: Allows switching to offense more reliably. While the ability will still be bad on itself, it gets some degree of consistency and purpose.
I believe that those changes should require a manageable amount of work, but could go a very long way when it comes to making her a more reliable frame. Ability 4 and 2 might need a whole rework at some point, but those small tweaks would already go a long way!
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Huh, these actually are in fact reasonable and would make Mirage more flexible and smooth without completely breaking her. Good job.

3 minutes ago, (PS4)FK2P said:

I would be happy with UI changes, make dark areas really dark and light areas lighter when you push 3

I'd love this but it'd probably be hell to program.

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