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Double Power Cards


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Frost and Frost Prime power cards, while upgrading/changing their mods on them, show up as not equipped even if you've equipped them.


Example : If you have all four powers on your Frost Prime, ( and only have 2 power cards of each power ), when you go to your Frost's upgrade screen, it shows both cards as if nothing is equipped on your Frost Prime.


Same thing happens with Excalibur and Excalibur Prime.


Unsure if it happens with Mag/Mag Prime, or if it happens with Primed weapons.

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This is because DE is now allowing a single mod to be equipped on multiple things. So you can have your one precious higher-than-the-rest ranked Serration on all of your guns.


They don't all show up as equipped in the mod upgrade screen, either, where you can make mods stronger.

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