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Enemy Spawn Radius Smaller Than Before?


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Just something I've noticed since update 10. It wasn't really a big deal until just now when I went after Hyena for the last part of Loki that I need.


It seems the Corpus are using their locker rooms as break rooms. Ones like in the following image (beyond the door at the end, the small loot rooms with 4 lockers and various barrels about:




Not 3 seconds after I took this screenshot, 5 Crewman came storming out of that room. I had literally left it just moments before to go take the screenshot.


This is also happening on Grineer levels, but it's far more noticeable on the more linear Corpus ship maps. You can run into a small loot room and by the time the door closes on your way out, a camp of enemies has magically spawned in the room you just left.


It's a fairly small complaint, but when you're running solo and aren't using a maxed loadout, it's rather annoying when enemies come at you faster than you can physically kill them and you're most certainly not a new player.


It also breaks the immersion of the game quite badly. I can see a few guys doing a patrol a couple of rooms over and them running at you when they hear gunfire coming from down the hall, but people suddenly being where you just were is just gross from a lore perspective. In larger rooms, I've even born witness to enemies appearing out of thin air. Again, really gamebreaking from a lore perspective.

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