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[26.1.3 up to present] Conclave Bug Megathread

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We are now on the fourth month with one-shot dual sword slide aerial and ground attacks, as well as four months of Telos Boltace ragdolls. Bramma was removed for the same reason, just turned to 11. With shield gating on the horizon, anything that has potential to one-shot is clearly unintentional.

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On 2020-02-11 at 2:13 PM, standardheadache said:

Thank you for removing Bramma from Conclave (for now)! The implication that it will eventually return in a balanced form is also very promising. We can't thank you guys at DE enough for maintaining Conclave, but there's still more to be done.

As mentioned previously in this thread, there are still many easy one-shot weapons (the entirety of the dual swords and tonfas categories on slide attack, for example). This discourages players from branching out and learning.

Nova's mines are still host to no less than two bugs, both invisibility for the majority of its lifespan after a few seconds of visibility and the fact that mines laid in a past life can damage a Nova in a new life. Nightwave and Shawzins are also still nonfunctional in Conclave.

Telos Boltace still throws players out of map bounds, Ivara Prime may or may not be able to equip Power of Three now, and Biting Piranha's aerial attack likely is still missing.

Magazine capacity mods also appear to have some inconsistencies, as previously mentioned here.

Strikethrough showing what has recently been changed. Dual swords are now in a reasonable place, as is Staticor. We still have a few bugs to touch on, though! In addition, we found something similar in priority to the lamp in the Teshin Captura scene being bugged, a small invisible wall in Navigation Array:


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Been a long time since I've posted in this, as I've quit playing for now and can't verify whether these things are still going on. Seeing that there have been no changes to Conclave mentioned in the patch notes, I can only assume everything is still the same.

Which brings us to our next point: a new bug pointed out by some people I know who still play Conclave. Electric procs can refresh the proc itself, possibly due to Saryn extending proc duration.

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Bumping with a couple of experience breaking bugs that were added on Friday's update:

1) Damaging warframe abilities don't bypass shield gating anymore, which seems related to the PvE fix where some enemy abilities could bypass gating and could still insta kill warframes. 

On 2020-05-01 at 9:21 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Update 27.4

Fixed certain boss attacks (Ropalolyst’s laser attack and Profit Taker’s missile for example) not respecting Shield Gating and killing players in one hit. 

2) Several weapons seem to have gotten unintended buffs that far surpass the point of overpowered. Here's a thread with more details about it: 

3) Telos Boltace can still ragdoll players, effectively disabling the affected players from the match temporarily, and taking away player control just like if the keyboard had been disabled and we were playing with nothing but a mouse.

Here's a short video of how an average match against a single boltace user can look like in an open map:


4) Since the status rework, Saryn's passive allows electric procs to stack and refresh on themselves. On any other frame these deal a single tick of damage, but when used with saryn it effectively becomes a damahe over time tool of random duration (long enough to go through gating) with varying damage.

Here's a clip of a lanka shot boosted by saryn https://gfycat.com/seriousconsciousjaguarundi


Hoping for these bugs to be fixed asap, since the addition of pvp augments to pve is making conclave activity increase only for players to see it in its most broken state ever because of the unintended buffs that make players be able to snipe people with certain shotguns which seems completely unintended and Telos Boltace which could just be disabled from conclave to fix the issue since having no control our character while the enemy gets an easy kill doesn't make any sense. 

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