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"the Little Things."


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As with any game, the things that make it particularly grand are the little details that the company paid attention to and took the effort to implement, which make the game much more likeable despite its obvious flaws such as imbalance and RNG issues.


So, what are some of the "little things" in Warframe that you guys like? Tiny little details that were lovingly added into the game that you noticed.


I'll start.


-Certain weapons have completely unique attributes, such as Amphis' jump attack animation and Kogake's 1000-damage Wall Punch attack.

-Loki can cause a Grineer Bombard to hit itself with its own rocket using Switch Teleport.

-When changing the side that your camera is on, your Sentinel will shift over to the opposite shoulder.

-Catframe Prime Helmet easter egg.

-You can kick Grineer Rollers to death.

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-Shooting Grineer in the gut with bullet damage will blow a section of their stomach out, as they die.

-Shooting female melee Grineer in the face with bullet damage will pop their head clean out of their suit.

-Spam left click while using a Synapse to annoy your team.

-Use Stretch and Coil Helmet on Mag, then marvel at how many low level enemies you can clear in a room.

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-Catframe Prime Helmet easter egg.

I need more info on this, I've never seen or heard anything about it...

-Obnoxious color packs (saturated/infested)

-The almost Fallout 3 level of dismemberment

-Liu Kang kicking everywhere

-Faction swaps/multifaction battles

-Weapons that make enemies ragdoll 30+ feet in the air

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-Those rare occasions when the Alert status glitches out, so while your friends are mowing down an entire room, you can casually walk behind something and assassinate it.

-Stealth Killing an Ancient with the Orthos causes it to shrink in size during the attack animation. (Bug? XD)

-Switch Teleporting outside the bounds of the Corpus Outpost Boss Room with Loki's Swindle Helm.

-The Pre-release Bo Staff with its insane knockback charged attacks, able to gib enemies by thwacking them up into the ceiling, where they would proceed to spasm along the ceiling into a corner and glitch out and die from sheer physics impact overflow.

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