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[Expanding On A Game Mode Concept] Just For Fun


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Had this in a different section realized it could of been in the wrong one. 


~I love free writing everything straight from my head forgive me if some aspects are not clear if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Have any suggestions don't be afraid to collaborate on this Concept~


Read this before going on

~After writing everything up to [9] I happen to go to Warframe Wiki to look up the name for the Laser Ball so I didn't have to keep saying Laser over and over again. But I found out that their is something like this but Only inside of Dojo and User Made. I original set this concept off my own thinking and the way I thought of it is similar but is portaryed in a different way. I hope you guys would still enjoy the Idea. (Changed the Topic to Expanding On a Game Mode Concept from Game Mode Concept for I didn't want any bashful comments about me ripping something from the game~



Warframe is such a great  Sci-Fi Shoot em up Slash em Up Game. With the added perk Space Ninjas. 


Love every aspect of the game and everything you can do so far. 


Before I get started I would like to ask for assistants from Artists and others who Model. This would be a project that would take some time to get it working at its full potential. :D


The Game Mode: 

This Game mode is set out side of the DOJO just for fun to put the full test of your Ninja skills. A lot of maps on this game makes use for the Ninja Mechanics. (Scaling a Wall, Climbing, Wall Running and more) Basically parkour-ing the map.


The Void makes the most use for this mechanics which gets you to the secret rooms. Alas some parts make you activate a trap forcing you to dodge lasers that would down you in one hit.   


I love when I have to do things like this in the game. Thus having me come to this Concept Idea. 



Now working out the perfect name for the Fun Game Mode, taking me quite some time. If you have any suggestions drop them down I will add them to the list. Heres a few of mine.

~Ninja Test

~Avoid the Lasers (Only because people like to shorten words to Acr's it would become "Anyone want to group ATL?)


So basically the fun mode would be. Putting your true puzzle solving ninja skills making it fun to the test to earn rewards. Primary Guns would be disabled Secondary Guns, Melee Weapons and Groups would be allowed ( I will explain this later ) 


[2]About the use of Guns:

Guns would be disabled but Secondary and Melee Weapons would be allowed.

Reason being True Ninjas do not need guns to solve or survive during a Avoid Mission.

Ninjas Slash or fight Hand-to-Hand combat anything that stands in there way.

( Also using a primary gun would be cheating haha could easily destroy every Laser that popped up )

But A Secondary weapon would take some time to destroy a laser (Entering this mode would put your weapon to basic damage base stats (Only Ammo Modification would work ) 


Why? Being nice enough to give a slight advantage over the Fun Mode but the catch is the amount of ammo you start with is the only ammo you have. Use your bullets wisely. Destroying a Laser would cause 2 more to spawn as well as Lasers that are destroyed have a recharge time so you have a bit of a leeway before it becomes active again.


{3}Team Play:

It's a obvious playing with your friends in this type of Fun Mode would be completely enjoyable. If you get downed you have your buddies right their able to help you get back up (If they can which is one of the reasons a Gun is allowed) 

If you like being a Lone Ninja go ahead and start the party.


Back to the Explanation of the Fun Mode:




First off how would this map area look like and interact?

 (I do want to work on Map Model Concept if anyone wants to help out on that)

I would say a few map ideas come into mind.

~Dojo Main Room 

It's big it's spaces theirs a 1st floor and a 2nd floor.

~Void since this is where the Lasers Generated from a Giant Room just for this Mode.


[5]How do you get to this Mode?

    GRIND FOR THE KEY!!! HAHA I kid nah I wouldn't suggest something as fun as this to be grind.

A permanent Key that's in your inventory that you can access and play at anytime. 


[6]Once their how do you start?

    Once entering the mode you would have to activated the Trap Panel Located on the map.


[7]What would be happening was I/We Start?

   Now this is the interesting fun part. At first for Level 1 theirs always 4-5 Lasers with 2-3 set only with 1 lasers located on it's sides. Rotating horizontally. The others would be located on a angled wall with the lasers located on the top of it. Some lasers would only be dynamic Others would have a Slight Rotating Wobbling Top making the laser move a bit more. The more you progress the more lasers that would show up some may go away, others would force you or your team mates to destroy them at a cost of having 2 more spawn. 




Their would be different Tiers of each Mode. Also to add excitement to the Mode Each Level may not be the same Way you have to finish from before.  If you have any suggestions for different Tiers Drop 'em. Here's my ideas for Tiers so far.

[9]Avoid The Lasers Survival Mode: Completed

[10]Time Attack: Working on how it works




[9]Avoid The Lasers Survival Mode: This would relate more to [7]What would be happening was I/We Start?

It would start from Level 1 to final level(If their is ever a final level new ways to progress this would almost make a infinite amount of ways to keep progressing). 


All levels last for about 30 seconds or maybe 1:15. (If you have any suggestions on how long it should last Drop 'Em)


Each Level increases what you can "Claim & Exit" with. The Reward is always random. Level 6 reward may or may not be the same as the last time you left on Level 6. But again as you progress the reward gets better.


[10]Time Attack:



Will continue onto this idea again if you have any suggestions or would like to help out by all means I will be pleased. Don't like the concept at all, tell me why?

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