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A Warframe Concept: Gale


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Warframe idea: wind based warframe.

a vary mobile warframe made to get around the battlefield quickly.


Name: Gale (can be changed)


stats: (my ideas and not the best)


100 (300 at rank 30)


120 (210 at rank 30)



Shield Capacity

50 (200 at rank 30)

Shield Recharge


Sprint Speed





4x Power - 17px-Ability.png

1x Defense -17px-D.png

Aura Polarity

Defense -17px-D.png



1st power: air slash (sends a blade of air forward, doing damage enemys in a line.)


2nd power: wind form(i suck at names) (makes the entire team invisible for a short time.)


3rd power: pin (pins all enemys to the grond in a raidys for a short time.)


4th power: presurize (pull all enemys in an area tords you then push them away with extream force.)


I am not vary creative so this is not the best but I like the idea and changes can be made where needed and it would be cool to see this in Warframe. (I couldn't find a design that would work for how the Warframe would look.)



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