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Why Am I Playing Warframe?


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As I was reading through different posts the question came to mind: Why am I playing Warframe? This is the first real online game I played. When I say "real" - I mean it feels like I am actually playing with other people. I tried a lot of "online" games, a lot of Facebook games, browser based RPGs, Conquest games, JRPGs - but they felt more like grindy cash cows than actual gaming experiences. All of them, at a certain point, became so obvious as wanting you to spend money that play came to a halt - and so did I.


I never was a fan of online gaming - at least not in the point of seeing any of the singleplayer games I enjoyed become online games (cough... Skyrim... online...). Something draws me to play Warframe, and I don't think it a mystery. That something is wanton destruction.


Not unlike other games, be it GTA, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Red Dead, etc.... the thing that takes a back seat to story is working to become the baddest, most feared warrior in the game. I have no idea what this "lore" is people keep talking about, and frankly I don't see how something with no history behind it can claim to have a "lore". I'm not here for "lore" - I'm here to have the most powerful things that it takes to wipe up everything in my path with no problems. Just the same for any other shooter / action-rpg I've ever played - I am here to dominate and see how strong I can get.


Question is - is that enough to keep me here? Right now I don't know - I'm satisfied at the moment, but who knows? This is a work in progress - although there is a "lore", its not apparent. There's not much telling you that it's a "lore" - besides the forum and people mentioning it all the time. It would be nice to have a storyline - but that's far away. Beta means this is very close to final, so we may be seeing it as far as its going to go right now. It might just be an action module to be inserted in a larger project - only time will tell.


So to me, this game is just pure action. No really fleshed out story, no "lore" - just hopping from one place to the next whomping on those poor hapless enemies who just don't get that they have no chance to win. It isn't about "Space Ninjas", for various obvious reasons, and it's only "free" up to about how much patience you have not to spend money. Perhaps some of those elements will change, perhaps they won't - but it doesn't matter to me, I'm just enjoying today and blowing things away. Its an amazingly good stress reliever....


Why are YOU playing Warframe?

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Because it's fun.

A friend said to me, "get this game, space ninjas." I was hooked as soon as I sliced my first grineer in half with a skana.

Since then I have recommended Warframe to a couple more people and now we have a four man team we usually play in.

DE have to be doing something right to keep us hooked...

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Why are YOU playing Warframe?

because it feels good to play it...

sounds odd perhaps, but that really kinda sums it up.

ive played many different games.

perhaps the one i played the longest was ME3mp.

warframe is like ME3mp... but better.

it just feels better.

still play some ME3 from time to time, usually after i get pissed at a CoD game or some other shooter and i just wanna chill, but dont want to load up something like SoSE or skyrim.

i come to warframe to lose myself... to really let go of all the crap i deal with in life, much like how i did with ME3mp.

warframe is my safe zone... as odd as that may sound.

thats part of the reason i get mouthy or pissed when DE does something stupid lol.

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I like the Concept and the "build" of my "space ninja",


BUT I really hate the HOST and Internet Upload dependency aspect of it. In my case I can't host more than 3 people, if a 4th cames in, It will lags avery where... there goes the fun part of it.

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I don't know...

It has something to it... a sort of... allure.

For some reason I love everything about it.

The fight.

The conclusion

Getting new frames

Getting new weapons

Leveling those frames

Leveling those weapons

The Conclaves

The Void

The risk

The reward

Just... the feel.

Hell, even the grind is good.


Truth be told, I don't know what makes me love warframe so much.

I've never given over £30 to any game in my life.

Why have I suddenly given around £66 to this one?

It's strange.

I can't stop loving it.

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Why are YOU playing Warframe?

Fun to blow s**t up.

Wonderful feeling of progression

Fun to keep working on your equipment.

Fun to collect items.

Fun to work on dojo.

Super sexy.

Lots of camaraderie.

Even farming and grinding is fun due to non-stop action, as opposed to tedious turn-based stuff.


Instead of "Ninjas play free," the tagline should be "Warframe: makes the grind feel good."

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dammit, everyone else has a bloody ps3...Im stuck with the 360 till the next gen switcheroo

Huh. I kinda feel sad for you. Most of the population in the country I live in don't even know what a PS3 is, and they are still somehow enjoying the PS1.


I probably won't be going next-gen until near the end of the PS4's life, as Star Citizen seems pretty damn interesting...




Anyway, back on topic we go!


Most of us play Warframe to pass time! Is that true or false? Post now!

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Why did I start to play. Because it was free-to play and it was said you can get everything without paying a cent.


Why I became Founder. Because I liked the game alot at the time and I realized stuff like potatoes are pretty much impossible to get without paying or being on 24/7.


Why I still (yet again after a long break) play. Because it's still an ok time sink. There's nothing for me to achieve in it anymore thou. Apart from stupid things such as getting tier 1 keys and doing them for that elusive Blueprint or grinding nightmare 24/7 to get the eversame (wrong) mod.

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I was drawn in by the fact its a fully armored warrior with awesome powers... I love warriors in full armor like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Karas, etc... This had everything I wanted... and I am satisfied with the wanton destruction.. Lore is great and all I mean we have hinted lore here, and there, but for the most part I can have fun fighting any way I wish, and just enjoy th egame...

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