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Confused about Corpus laser grids? Get in here!


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It took me a while to figure out how to get past the Corpus laser grids and I figured others may be confused. I took some screenshots to help you guys out.

On Corpus levels, there are security cameras on the roof. These cameras trigger the laser grids if you're in their line of sight. The cameras have a really bright light which can drown out the body of the camera, making it difficult to spot them.

The cameras have two light colours: White/blue and red.

Here the camera has a white light, meaning I am out of its line of sight and the grid is disabled.

Here the camera has a red light, meaning I am in the camera's line of site and the grid is enabled.

Solution? Destory it.

Hope this helps

EDIT: I've also just noticed that turrets are activated when you are detected by a camera

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