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Most Damage Dealing Warframe And Arsenal?



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Highest damage frame is by far Nova Atm. 


Primary would be Soma.


Secondary either Acrid for overall best dps or Twin Vipers for quick bursts.


Melee is Galatine in charge and probably Fang Prime otherwise. Though if it's about dueling i'd recommend a lighter charge weapon such as Dual heat swords or Bo since it's range and cc potential is ridiculous.

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Rhino is worth mentioning I think. His Roar is a lower % damage increase than molecular prime but it's more consistent and available at half the power cost and as a self buff you can use for a while rather than just hitting specific enemies that will be quickly killed. Iron skin will also stop CC, which lets you apply more DPS simply by virtue of the fact you're not running/dodging things Nova would have to, or laying on your back standing up doing zero damage because you got knocked the **** out.

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Highest damage I've ever clocked out was 140,000.

I did it by casting Antimatter Drop during a Void mission, staring at it to slow it down, then emptying half all of the ammo from my despair into it.

I did this without Molecular Prime as well, if I had of cast M Prime, I would have received a much larger number.


So, in terms of Warframe, it's Nova.


When it comes to weapon, the Acrid has stackable DoT damage, and if you count how many stacks you've managed to clock on a boss, then it can easily come out on top.

However, just for base damage...

Something like the Ogris with quite a few formas and maxed mods can easily reach a point where it becomes a 1-click antimatter drop.

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Potentially, the highest damage output you can put on a single target is Banshee's sonar with a Soma or Acrid. 500+% damage increase with the highest damage weapon in the game is incredibly devastating.


the highest stable damage warframe is Nova (200% damage debuff+slow for 100energy) and Rhino (175% damage buff for 75 energy)


The highest damaging warframe ability, is Nova's Antimatter drop.

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If you're going to do a duel, you don't want Nova. The antimatter drop, which everyone says is overpowered, is highly impractical to actually use and Molecular Prime is good for killing large swathes of enemies, but is useless on a single target. When dealing damage is far more important than getting kills you want a frame with decent health and abilities that do concentrated damage on a smaller group of targets. The first frame that comes to mind is Ash's Shurikens, but Rhino's stomp would be far more reliable.

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For Warframes, Nova is the absolute queen of burst damage. You can't argue with a 2 that can hit for 30k+ damage. Saryn has the highest potential DPS due to Venom, though Ember's ult probably has more raw DPS against low to mid-level infested. You COULD get into technicalities about Nekros' ult, but that is too dependent on what enemies you kill and what the clones decide to focus damage on, which is too variable to be reliable by most definitions.


Lanka with Crit+element build is highest per-shot damage for primaries, I believe. My math puts it somewhere at or above 10k damage in one shot, before weaknesses and armor/resistances. Meanwhile Soma is highest overall DPS for primaries with a similar build.


For secondaries, Seer is highest on-hit, though I think a Vasto with a Crit/Elemental build might be similar if not slightly above. (I have yet to do that math myself.) For DPS, the Twin Vipers reign absolute supreme for burst-DPS (an oxymoron, I know), with the Acrid being your other option. . TVipers and Soma are highest DPS in the game to my knowledge, with Soma being first highest and TVipers being second.


Those are excluding the shotgun-type weapons such as the Strun Wraith and Bronco Prime, which have the highest per-hit damage in their classes (other than sniper weapons), before crit and armor/resistances.


For melee, Orthos Prime has the highest base damage, Galatine has the highest charge, while Fang Prime is the highest per button press (or per swing, if you prefer that phrasing). Dual Ichor has the highest per-hit damage after crit out of the dual melee's, though, and it may be the highest on-hit out of the bunch, save for only the Galatine. I haven't run the numbers on it quite yet.


In all honesty, a majority of the weapons in the game will perform at about the same strength with optimized builds. It's only the newest weapons from updates 8 thru 10 that are noticeably higher in terms of their numbers. Or rather, it's the one with the most hype surrounding them, really. Go figure.

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My Strun Wraith/Snipetron Vandal and Acrid/Afuris have come through for me with either Reaper Prime or Hate :P The answer to this one is a bit subjective because everyone plays differently and has different fighting preferences.

Numbers aren't subjective.

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