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Wall Running Frustrating Delay!


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It's really hard to start the wall running for the delay that there is!

This has been a massive problem for me in the game since I started playing. (U7)

Also for such a fast paced game the jumping delay is very much aggrivating, doesn't let you have full control over your movement, as you just notice another wall and wish to wallrun off of it I cannot, the delay prevents me from jumping off the current one at time! It's like hearing yourself with quarter of a second delay (confusing) but in this case it's up to 1-3 seconds... I thought they were supposed to be ninjas, ready to pop off the ground whenever they want! :v

Controls just aren't solid enough for the speed you have, it's like having buttered shoes on!

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If you're suffering a delay of 1-3 seconds, you must be experiencing graphics lag and framerate. You barely need to hold space for half a second before you've been locked onto a wall.

Well, over a second when lagging ofcourse, but still.. The damn delay - WHYYY...?

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Faster Frames are hard to control. Get an average speed Frame. Get used to pressing the jump key before you crash into the wall. You'll get used to it, just keep on trying. The delay is less than a second, anyway, so you might be lagging.

I know, I know.. I'm using Frost, building Ember atm.

Still the current delay pisses me off, I don't have problems with the average wall running and jumping in the levels even with max Rush mod, but for the sake of precision the delay ruins everything, kind of like a deal with how the cars are controlled in APB: Reloaded

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