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Infested Overhaul: New Concepts Of Mine


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These ideas are based on 2 things. 1. The need for more variety in the infested (we don't need 50 types of crawlers) 2. the fact the infested may be getting a change, for the light infested.




Infection Swarm

Ever notice while on infested missions, there are collections of bright red specs floating and swarming around in groups? what if this was actually an infection spore that would Re-animate corpses (only dead infested) before they vanish?


These swarms would not cause damage themselves, and would hot hurt the Tenno at all, but they will be swarming around in small groups nearly everywhere, coming through vents nearby. when an enemy is killed, regardless of their type, they will home in at a fast rate and attempt to revive the infested corpse. if it exceeds (needs a few seconds after landing on it) the enemy will get up as if knocked down, but have a red mist emanating from them. these enemies will have 50% less health and armor then before, so easier to kill.


Poison Tendrel 

Ever notice while on infested missions, walls and floors are sometimes covered with a material that moves and sways, but dosn't actually do anything? what if these areas were reduced a little, and replaced with slightly larger versions that poison players upon walking on them, or simply spawn Infection Swarms to revive fallen infested.



The standard and current Runner would simply be cleaned up a bit. instead of simply exploding, they would have 2 large swelling sacks on their bodies, one on the neck, pushing the head to the side, and one on the other side, on the elbow. they would still do the same animation they do now, however, they would do it twice, each time popping the glowing yellow sacks, which produce a small stun effect and leave a pool of yellow fluid and gas where it popped, which would slow players when standing in these pools. After popping the last cyst-like module, they will simply collapse and die, leaving a large pool of yellow fluid.



Nothing would be changed about the leaper except giving it more infested features.



why the (s)? because there will be more then 1 type of charger.


1. Charger

The standard charger type that we have now, just cleaned up a little with less damage output and a slightly more "grineer" look.


2. Acidic Charger

Similar in looks to the regular charger, except with small green sacks on it's body. and instead of clawing the player, it would stop close to the player, lift a back "tail" and shoot low damage poison darts, similar to the attack of Desert Skates, but dealing damage to shields first, not dealing HP damage directly. These types would act more like scorpions, with their legs on each of their sides, and often climb up walls to avoid being hit with melee attacks.


3. Heavy Charger

A charger version that occurred when an unlucky Heavy gunner was infested. They would occur rarely due to their damage potential and level. picture the normal type charger, slightly bigger. now picture the heavy gunner's head on top, with a tentacle of flesh coming out to the front, where a dirty, rust colored gorgon is sticking out where the head would be, covered in infested biomass. this charger would be like a mini boss of sorts, and has the same abilities as a heavy gunner, although altered. the Gun's accuracy would be further lowered as well  as a lower fire rate. instead of a knockdown shockwave, when getting close, it will back up slightly, the move forward, knocking you backwards with an attack similar to Banshee's sonic boom.


3. Flamer

As with the Heavy Charger, this charger unit is rare. It is much larger then a normal charger, about half the size of Phorid, and has red plates of armor over it's body, and a "Tail" composed of a mixture of bones, Infested tissue, and parts from a Grineer Napalm's gun, making it's Tail ablaze with fire. this unit has a .5 resistance to fire damage but is 2x weak to ice damage. As a melee-only unit, it will run up close then stop, swinging it's body around so it's tail hits you, dealing heavy Fire damage. It's attacks are slow and can be avoided, but can be very dangerous due to their size, sometimes blocking your exit of escape.



The current ancient designs are fine, except due to the other new influx of other enemy types, they would occur as rarely as other heavy units, and have slightly altered features, but nothing drastic.


New Enemies

Only found in Faction-Swapping missions where Infested invade your non-infested mission through a boarding craft, these infested would be "fresh" infested units, able to utilize weakened versions of their host's weapons and abilities.





1. Infested Lancer (or Elite Lancer)

Freshly infested, they have parts of their armor ripped off, as infested tentacle mass pushed their way through it, and it wraps around their armor in slimy vine-like ways, up to their face, arms, and wrapped around their legs. they will make gurgled grineer speeches as they still have their functioning organs and their vocal cords (somewhat). They will limp around slowly, sometimes taking cover, while firing their weapons one handed, with reduced accuracy and fire rate.


2. Infested Scorpion

This is the deadliest of the fresh infested, they would essentially be giant pulsating sores and sacks, covered on the scorpion, making it move very slowly, however, it will still have it's tether attack, which will pull players toward it, and up against it, where it will explode like a runner does, leaving a mess of blood, guts, bones, and infested goop and doing moderate damage. They will often woddle along on their legs, due to the weight of the biomass that is growing on them.





1. Infested Crewman

Similar to a Leaper, these crewmen would have the typical tendril around them, up onto their helmet, except they do not have tore clothing or armor, since they are freshly infested. They shoot their Dera rifles at a slower rate with similar accuracy, moaning and groaning in their corpus tone.


2. Infested MOA

Realistically from what we know from the infestation, the disease is can be seen as an Infection, that attacks specific RNA/DNA, thus not inflicting machines, right? This is true, except the infested meld with technology already, ancients have powers, possibly from the corpses of Warframes consumed long ago, and Leapers/Runners/Crawlers all have glowing lights on them, hinting a combination of a virus and a nano-infestation. perhaps, a biological virus that is controlling the behavior of nanobot swarms. So, actually they would be able to infested technology. however:


1. technology isn't what the Infested Longs for, it is to assimilate all living matter to become one being or a hive mind. A robot simply does not serve this purpose. they do however, serve as a way to kill other Corpus more efficiently, and they will temporarily infest MOA's, during these faction swaps. 


Infested MOA's will look like regular MOA's, except for tendrils of infested tissue draping over it's structure, and a sack with little lights on it (like on Leaper's heads). They will act like Regular Moa's only slower, and the sound they make is similar to both a moa sound and a leaper groan, but muffled and gurgled a bit.


Well there is a really rough idea i just wanted to put out to entertain you. 

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i can imagine corpus screaming in pain and suddenly bubbles of meat blow up and they start to mutate 

the thing is, it would be like the original halo in a way, the infections are new, but you don't ever actually see the infection take place. this will reduce the coding required to make an enemy mutate in front of you.

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You people and your halo....


Anyway he's my runner concept, making an ult version were the sacs are instead a fused explosive barrel (Suggested by the dude on my infested runner concept post). 


yeah that right there is basically what i had in mind actually.

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someone did an infested concept thing and got like 100 thumbs up and what do i get for mine, some ideas never even thought of like using the environment? 9. 

I feel for you. I really do.

Moving on, are the Ancients really Infested? Or are they aliens from another species that just so sit well in their books? 

I think most organic infested should lose their intelligence, no more operating guns and grappling hooks, instead have higher health (not bullet sponges) and fast attacks or anything that is primitive/animal or beast like/$&*&*#(%& but berserk. 

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