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Where the compound bow's at?

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I LOVE compound bows aesthetically. their complexity is beautiful, and they're functionally all around better than a standard bow. Their main drawback being fragility and maintenance due to their complexity. Something that I think is likely a non-Issue in the warframe universe as many weapons have a multitude of moving parts. Anku comes to mind as a folding mele weapon, something that's never been seen as viable in real life for said reasons. So why are there no compound bows? There's huge design potential, and you'd think those'd be the only type of bows future scifi ninjas would use.

You could say it's because all the bows use energy strings. Every bow and crossbow in the game have glowing strings, and maybe there's something about that technology that is both better, and incompatible with the compound design. But there's nothing in the lore than I'm aware of that would really suggest this. It's just left up to player imagination.

I'd REALLY love to see a compound bow be added eventually. even better, as a universal bow skin (weapon skin with Ivara deluxe maybe?). I kinda don't wanna see it show up as a tennogen skin cus I just can't justify to myself spending real money on cosmetics, and that might discourage DE from releasing one themselves as to no't detract from tennogen sales.

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13 minutes ago, PollexMessier said:

I just can't justify to myself spending real money on cosmetics

That's literally the only thing in this game you should be spending real money on since everything else is obtainable through effort.

I wouldn't mind a compound bow, but aside from aesthetics are there any major differences making it worth a new weapon in this game? Strength isn't an issue for Warframes so "energy storage" of the bow isn't all that relevant compared to humans.

Would they be able to justify giving it hit-scan projectiles when fully drawn, or what? Mechanically, how would it differ from our other bows we have aside from the look?

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